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House to Home

You guys. We might be moving. So many things are happening in my little family’s life right now, it’s crazy. It’s like moving fast and not moving at all at the same time. Like hurry up and wait type of life right now. Can anyone relate? My husband is most […]

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leaves on a THanksgiving table

Our Thanksgiving Table

Part of the fun of living in our crazy, intercultural, interracial world is the holidays. We are blending my traditions as an American, my husband’s as a Bahamian, and then some French stuff too because we live here right now. It’s a tad crazy, but I wouldn’t change it for […]

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Our French House Tour

Hello all! Today I’m pretty excited about my post. The other day I shared with you all on Instagram that I had totally cleaned my house. It was beautiful. And of course, you might agree, when your house is that clean, it needs to be documented!! So I bring you.. […]

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Inspiring Office

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve let you all down. I mean, I know no one really relies on me here in this space, but my main point of this blog is to inspire women to embrace their true beauty. Whether that be through makeup, hair, fashion, or confidence, whatever! […]

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My Whirlwind Life

So we’re here. If you didn’t already know, we spend half of the year in France. Well about 9-10 months. My husband plays basketball over here and we come and go. We have been married 6 years and we are living in our 6th house in our 5th city. Crazy, […]

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Land of Nod

Decorating your child’s room can be quite a feat, can’t it? There’s a  lot that has to go into it. It needs to be functional yet fun, have storage so they can easily pick up their room themselves, have character but be practical, and hopefully be a place that the […]

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