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Fashion Week!!! Fake Short hair

Good Monday morning everyone!! I am actually excited about this week for a number of reasons.  ONE: it’s fashion week, duh.  Not only in New York but here at Ma Nouvelle Mode.  TWO: I am leaving Wednesday for Denver for the SITS Girls bloggy boot camp on Saturday.  Yep, I […]

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What I wore, 30×30 Day 1

I am excited because I have actually been taking pictures of my outfits!!  Wahoo, good for me! Now to edit them and get them up here, that would be great.  The pictures today were edited with the PW actions in photoshop.  Can we just say obsessed??  I am loving all […]

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Starting 30×30… again

I am sure I am like most of you girls in that we can’t just go out and buy whatever we want whenever we want it.  And if you can, well whatever.  Good for you.  You can come over here and plop down some of that extra cash for me!  […]

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What I wore Wednesday

Good Morning everyone.  I only have one outfit today.  But it was such a beautiful day taking pictures, look at the sky, it was awesome.  I am loving this weather for sure! As you know I spent the weekend in Paris with a friend of mine.  It was fun to cruise […]

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The un-openable door

This door is to my next door neighbor’s yard.  I don’t know why it is there because you can’t open it, but isn’t it beautiful?  I have been wanting to take pictures of it for a while, but I couldn’t ask my 4 year old to take pics standing in […]

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I heart Family

Today was a good day.  Today I got to see my parents who {whom?} I haven’t seen in 5 or 6 months.  I love my parents.  My mom is my best friend.  It is so good to have them here and I love that my mom brought American sweets, and […]

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I am loving this Wednesday!

I am soooo loving today.  Here is why ~ 1.  The weather is like California weather!  It is bee-u-t-iful today!  Around this time it can be, maybe usually snowing in France, and it is gorgeous.  I didn’t even need a jacket today. 2. I am loving my outfit for today […]

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And so it begins…

I am starting my 30×30 today. Today, folks.  I am a little nervous. I must be honest.  I had a tough time picking what I would want in the 30 because I don’t know what I might feel like in three weeks or something.  But it is going to be […]

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