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So homeschooling. It’s all the rage, right? Well, since I’m all about being trendy (eye roll) we jumped on that band wagon! Well, no, that’s not actually how it worked out. Some of you expressed interest, so I thought I’d write about it! I know a lot of people have […]

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Ways to Fix Perpetually Greasy Hair

Okay, so the other day I posted a picture to Facebook & Instagram mentioning my hair drama. I got a lot of comments there and a couple questions in person and I think it’s time I address the elephant in the room. Or whatever… lol It’s actually quite simple, my […]

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Doggy Drama

I was looking through my last post, trying to think of which thing to update out of all the little updates I gave last time I wrote. Then I saw the picture of our cute little puppy, Storm and realized that I needed to update on that little situation. You […]

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New Year, New Adventures

Hey everyone! That is, if there still is anyone out there! I realize I’ve been gone for a while. And so many things have changed since I’ve been gone. Even as I opened my blog this morning to sit down and finally write something, I find that I’ve missed it. […]

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Give yourself Grace

Hi everyone, remember me? Natalia? I used to blog around these parts quite often. See, the thing is, back in October life decided to go full speed ahead, whether we were ready or not. We got a house that we needed to fix up. In November my husband, slowly but […]

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Here’s to New

Oh boy do we have a lot of “news” in our lives right now. New house. New job. New payments. New responsibilities. It’s a lot to say the least! And while I’m a little nervous about so much new, I’m mostly excited. And it couldn’t be more fitting that all […]

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raising men

Raising Men

The other day on Facebook I asked what you guys would like to hear about from me. We are in the middle of some pretty big life changes, new job, new house, etc… and I’ve lost some motivation to blog. But I really love the community that we have at […]

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Let your Hair Show you’re Awesome!

This post was sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own. I started this blog a while ago because I wanted to find motivation to look and feel good. Because makeup and hair doesn’t make you beautiful, but it’s a fun, creative way to take care of […]

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I’m so Lucky

This post is brought to you by CJ Affiliate’s VIP service. Thank you Lucky Brand for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Lucky Brand, all content & opinions expressed here are my own. You guys all probably know that I’m tall. Like 6 feet tall. So […]

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grand canyon

Not the Thanksgiving we Thought

This year I had to send my babies off with my parents for Thanksgiving. It was so hard. My husband just started a new job and it’s really, really hard and he needs me here to help. But our whole family had planned a trip to Colorado to visit family that […]

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