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Oh boy do we have a lot of “news” in our lives right now. New house. New job. New payments. New responsibilities. It’s a lot to say the least! And while I’m a little nervous about so much new, I’m mostly excited. And it couldn’t be more fitting that all this new is coming at the end of the year. Bring it on 2017!

I’m ready to move onto 2017 and get a fresh clean start. 2016 definitely wasn’t horrible for me personally, we are extremely blessed, but there is something about a new year that just says “fresh start.” So here are a few things I am going to focus on this new year.

Organization. Not my strong suit, I’ll be the first to admit it, but gosh darn it, I’m gonna be better! We have never had a lot of space when we were living in America because until now we were living with my parents. Now we have a whole house to use! I really want to work hard at not letting it get cluttered, keeping it clean & functional.

More Blogging. I know, I know, I haven’t been around much lately. But with a new home, the projects that come with it, the holidays, and a job change for my husband that requires a lot of help from me & single mom-ness, it’s been pretty crazy. But I love the community here and I really don’t want to stop all together. I hope my readers can give me a little grace and my goal for 2017 is to create a realistic schedule I can maintain and stick to it!

New tone. Yep, I’m the same as everyone else, I want to be in shape in 2017. Between moving, house projects, & the holidays, let’s just say my waistline is taking a hit. Nothing that can’t be fixed with making myself be a little more strict, but I definitely need to make a conscience effort to do so.

Speaking or tone and fresh, new starts, Tone®, a women’s body wash and bar soap brand, is coming out with a new product in 2017! Now I can’t share the details, all I can share is that you’re gonna want to grab one. You can sign up here to be the first on the list to grab this new product! It’s so top secret, I can’t even share the scents, but I can tell you that you’ll love them. They are light and airy, and not too strong, but just enough to be refreshing & rejuvenating.

So Here’s to New! New jobs, new houses, new opportunities, and new Tone®! Grab yours here and get your 2017 started off just right. And if you don’t already, like them on Facebook so you can be updated with the new products!

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