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Accessorizing Outfits

This post brought to you by Lisa Bridge Collection exclusively at Ben Bridge Jeweler. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Ma Nouvelle Mode.

My favorite thing about fashion and beauty is that it is creative. You can develop your own style and dress how you feel in that particular moment. You can go fancy, or casual and it’s fun to be creative and express yourself through these ways. This is something I have definitely learned since starting this blog almost 6 years ago. It’s not vain to take care of yourself and want to look cute. You can dress nice and that’s okay.

As a woman, as most of you know, it’s not always practical to get to wear the cute outfits or have your hair and makeup just the way you want it. I’ve spent the last 5 1/2 years on this blog trying to find ways that we can be cute with as little time and effort as possible. Because I’m right there with ya, ladies. And it can be hard!

One of the biggest things we can do that takes the littlest effort is accessorizing. Seriously, you have a cute outfit, throw on a necklace. Pile up some bracelets for a little arm party or maybe wear a statement ring. All these minor things can have big impact!

I was recently sent 10 pieces from the Lisa Bridge Collection exclusively at Ben Bridge Jeweler. They are gorgeous, you guys. Today I’m going to talk about the necklaces, but I’ll make sure I show you the other items in some other posts.

Case in point – look at this outfit. I love this outfit. It’s very simple, casual and super comfortable. However, it is really plain. Two solid colors with nothing special going on. I added the Chalcedony & Blue Lace Agate Station Necklace which has some blues and greens in it to not only pick up the olive but add a little bit with the blue as well. It’s also a long necklace which is perfect for a plain shirt like this one so that the necklace can stand out more.

My absolute favorite piece out of the collection is the Sapphire Slice Pendant. It’s a gorgeous blue on a gold chain and it’s perfect to be a statement piece of an outfit. The chain isn’t too long which makes it perfect for higher necklines or v-necks. I chose to wear it with a simple navy dress so that it’s the star of the show!

In fashion, as in most things in life, you don’t want to go overboard. So in this case, if you have a fun necklaces like this Peridot & Tourmaline Necklace, you’d want to keep the rest of your top pretty simple. I actually like this necklace with my first outfit as well because of the beautiful greens in the necklace and the simplicity of the outfit.

Another trend I love and is really practical for accessorizing outfits is multiple chained necklaces like this Three-Row Chain Necklace. It’s still a very simple chain, which I actually prefer, but because it has three rows, it makes it a little bit more of a bolder necklaces.

Lisa Bridge is a certified gemologist, which I honestly didn’t even know that was a thing before reading out her! So neat that she takes her work and designing seriously and definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to choosing stones for the perfect, high quality jewelry.

You can check out her collection here and it’s available at any Ben Bridge Jeweler. It’s also very reasonable pricing for the quality of jewelry you’re getting. Perfect Christmas gift for the woman in your life if you ask me!

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