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How to Stay Fresh While Traveling

I don’t know about you, but I am my absolute stinkiest while I am traveling. I don’t know if it’s being stuck in a plane while 11 hours or wearing the same clothes longer than you normally would, or the fact that you are going in and out of the metro so you go from sweaty to freezing in a matter of minutes (or all of the above) but no matter what it is, I smell when I travel. No joke, people, it gets bad.

And this time around, we are doing A LOT of traveling. We will be on planes, trains, cars, busses, ferries, and who knows, maybe we’ll hop on a boat to top it all off! I just know that if I don’t prep, my kids — and anyone else for that matter — won’t want to be around me!

stay fresh while traveling

There aren’t too many tips I can share here. Shower when you can, wash your clothes if you’re staying with friends, if not find a laundry mat (every country has them!), bring enough underwear… you know things like that. I think the biggest tip I can share is bring an effective deodorant.

I know that sounds like an obvious choice, but when you’re traveling, your funk is a while other level if you know what I mean. This is a type of funk you don’t get when you’re living your every day life. It’s a “is that smell me??” kinda funk. It needs to be handled differently.

I — scouts honor! — have seen a tremendous change in my odor using Secret Clinical Strength®. So much so that I put it on in the morning, go about my day, wake up the next morning and run to the gym — without putting on deodorant (or brushing my teeth… shhh) — and I’m working out and think… “is that smell me??” Except this time it’s in a good way. Like “there’s no way I could possibly be still smelling this good. There is no way this deodorant is still working!”

A casual stretch/sniff-sniff to confirm that yes, in fact, I do still smell this good. And yes, the deodorant is still working.

secret clinical

You know when you’re traveling it seems like you’re in hot places (like the subway) out to cold places (like anytime you’re outside in Sweden!) and smell is an issue. Thank goodness Secret Clinical Strength has Adapts & Responds Technology that senses your sweat levels throughout the day, and it adapts to the level of protection needed to help stop odor before it starts. That’s my kind of protection, specially when I’m traveling!

secret packing

This bag has been with me on many trips 7 countries and 3 continents and is about to add two more countries to it’s list. I’m adding my Secret Clinical Strength to my “must travel list” from now on!

I honestly really love that Secret Clinical Strength® provides the best protection no matter what the day will bring. Because when you’re traveling internationally with two kids, you literally never know what the day will bring!

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