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Black Booties 3 Ways

I am going to admit, I have not been much of a shoe girl in the past. For starters, I have big feet and it’s often hard to find my size (11) in normal stores. They usually carry all the way up to 10 and then I’m out of luck. I also have lived the past 8 years of my life between two countries and shoes get my suitcases to the max of 50 pounds pretty quickly, so I’ve learned to make do with what I have.

But now we’re back in the States and I’m ready to branch out in the shoe department. I have a regular closet and don’t have to worry about toting my shoes from country to country! My husband is a shoe maniac and recently told me it was time to step my shoe game up. Read: go shopping! If that’s not what he meant, then he should have been more clear, because that’s exactly what I did and plan on doing more of!

Payless is one of my favorite places to shop for shoes for me and my kids. They carry up to size 13 for women and have great options for my kids. It’s tough to spend a ton of money on shoes for my kids because they ruin them so fast but with Payless I can actually pay less (hence the name!) and still get good quality shoes. And for me I feel like I can get more bang for my buck!

I recently purchased a pair of black flat booties that I’ve been dying to buy for a while and they are perfect for fall. I am a pretty tall girl and while I don’t mind wearing heels, I also want shoes that I can wear casually without being ginormous. Enter these little black booties!

how to wear black booties

All Photography by Jenny Starkey Photography

They’re flat, they’re comfortable, and they’re cute – exactly what I was looking for. Oh and they were $34.99. Yes. Please.

Since I love them so much and they are the perfect shoe for fall, I thought I would share 3 ways to wear them. They really could go with so much, but here are three ways I have worn them so far.

3 ways to wear black booties

ways to wear black booties

These black booties are really so versatile, you can wear them how you want. Flat booties cut at the ankle are really in this fall and this style is a perfect way to get in on the trend without spending a ton of cash! Check out the three ways I have worn them, and definitely weigh in on how you’d wear them too!


how to wear black booties: casual

These are going to be my fall slip on booties. They are easy to wear and the fact that they are cut at the ankle makes them the perfect booties. This way you can wear them with jeans, dresses, even boot cut! This first outfit I went super casual with just jeans and a tee. You can cuff the jeans a bit at the bottom, I did a messy one-cuff here, or you can just let them hang – as long as the jeans aren’t too long. A little ankle is great and can help elongate your legs!

black booties casual

Semi-casual how to wear black booties: semi-casually

Black on black is a great fall look and oh so simple. You can accessorize with a kimono like I’m wearing or even with just some jewelry. The black booties keep the outfit casual yet put together and the kimono dresses it up creating the perfect semi-casual outfit!

semi casual style with black booties

This is another great outfit that transitions great into fall. Like I said, there are many directions you can go with all black. In the summer you might not want to add a kimono because it’ll be too hot. So just pair it with some fun accessories and you’re done. In the fall, when the weather is still in that weird transition phase, you can add the kimono for cooler weather and take it off if it gets too hot!

How to wear black booties: Dressed up

how to wear black booties: dressed up

This little shift is a favorite of mine because you can just throw it on. It’s perfect for summer because it’s easy and you stay cool, but who’s to say this can’t be worn into fall? I paired it here with just the booties because in California our fall is still pretty hot. But some tights and cute ankle socks would go perfectly with these ankle booties then add a sweater to the dress and you’re fall-ready!

dress and little black booties

I wore it with my little black clutch and it’s perfect for date night! In fact, this is going to be my go-to. I love when I am dressed up but still feel casual. Anything to make it look like I put a ton of effort into my outfit without actually much going into it at all! That about sums up my style!

You guys know I’m about fashion made easy. Fashion for the everyday woman. You don’t have to be rich or be a ‘fashionista’ type person to be put together and look cute! Trust me, I am neither of those and I still give it my best shot daily. That is honestly why Payless is one of my favorite places to shop. They have affordable prices & really cute styles. This way I feel like I can be fashionable all year long without breaking the bank. Sounds good to me!

Check out their blog SoleStyle for some more shoe-inspiration or find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even YouTube!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Payless via RhythmOne. The opinions and text are all mine.

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