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Wardrobe Challenge – Leather Pants

Do you ever feel like you have a closet full of beautiful clothes and nothing at all to wear? Or maybe you’re a bit more like me — trying to build up your wardrobe after babies and being broke and man it’s expensive!! And it takes a while!

You see, I have this problem, both of those problems actually, and I figured there might be a few other women out there who have one or both of these issues (or some version of them) as well. Then a light bulb went off and I thought of something!

It can be hard to be content, especially in the age of the internets. Everyone puts their best foot forward and everyone’s lives look perfect. I don’t think that’s necessarily bad, we just have to remember there’s a behind the scenes there that we’re not seeing. In fashion and beauty this can be particularly hard. Clothes we can’t afford. Makeup that’s out of our price range. A type of style that you just can’t seem to achieve.

I have a hard time calling myself a ‘fashion blogger’ because if you saw my closet, you’d laugh. It’s tiny. I don’t have very many clothes at all, although it’s improved a lot. But instead of comparing myself to the true fashion bloggers out there who wear a different outfit every day and have new pieces every week, I thought I need to work with what I’ve got.

I’ve already done this a bit with the 7×7 Remix we do around these parts, and I thought I’d continue it. Here’s the deets:

The Wardrobe Challenge

Each week I am going to take one item in my closet and put it to the test. It might be something I love or something I have a heard time wearing. I am going to try my best to make at least 3 outfits or looks from this item. To pass the test, the outfits have to be cute, wearable and practical. If it doesn’t pass the test, it gets sent to Goodwill, a friend, or I can up-cycle it. Sound good?

Oh and if I purchase something it has to be able to be styled three ways as well. If not, it gets returned!! I know, I’m so strict!



My first item is my leather pants. I can tell you right now that they pass the test. So why, you might ask, did I challenge them at all? Well, because I am a mom of two boys who doesn’t really get out much to do many fancy things, I need my clothes to work for me. Yes, we all have items of clothing we’d only wear out and that’s okay. But for the sake of the challenge, I want even my ‘go-out’ items to work other ways.

I hope that in doing this challenge that you’ll either join me and challenge your own wardrobe or be inspired to try some new things. Like leather pants. 🙂

Look #1~ Casual


Leather pants can be casual, right? It’s so funny, because I’ve lived quite a few places, when I’m in So Cal and I get dressed and ready for the day, I always get asked “Where are you going?” Like I need to be going somewhere fancy to look nice. I’ve made up my mind that I want to look nice every day and wear what I want to feel cute so I’m going to do just that! I paired the leather pants with my husband’s shirt (a new obsession!) and my grey booties. This is perfectly casual and I would definitely wear it. The shirt is soooo comfy. Outfit 1 verdict — pass! Here’s some outfit details:

Shoes: Nordstrom (similar)
Shirt: Husband’s (women’s but similar)
Leather Pants: Jenyfer (a French Store) Details at the bottom of the post!


I wanted to share some details on my jewelry, since I rarely do. Jewelry is a tough one for me. For one, I travel so much, it’s tough to keep track of everything & keep it nice. For example, I can’t find my statement necklaces right now… And secondly, I often forget to put it on at all! I’m getting better at it and when I rearrange my office space, hopefully I will have a place for them all! Here’s the details on the jewelry:

Necklace: c/o Lisa Leonard
Bracelets: gifted (similar)
Ring: Charming Charlie (similar)

Look #2 ~ Leather Chic


So speaking of making the most of your wardrobe – this shirt? It’s a workout top. It’s so stinkin’ comfortable though I can’t not wear it as a regular top. And with the black accents on the shoulders, you really can’t tell. I feel like this outfit is a little more classic or chic. I would still wear this, maybe not out and about for the day, but a date night with the hubs or girls night or something. If I slipped on flats, it would make it look more casual even though these shoes are probably the most comfortable in the whole world. Here’s the outfit details:

Shoes: c/o Zappos
Top: c/o PVBody ( which is now Ellie) (similar)
Leather Pants: Details at the end of the post!

 Look #3 ~ Cute


I wore this outfit, minus the shoes, one of the days at BlogHer. In fact, this is the top I was wearing when I was interviewed by Wendy McLendon-Covey! I got lots of compliments on the pants all day! I chose flats that time around because I knew a lot of walking was involved. I personally love this cross top. I don’t know if it’s the two colors, or that it makes me feel all spiritual (totally kidding!), or the fact that it’s nice and flowy and hides my food belly well.  Whichever one, it’s a lovely top.

Top: Outlets in Camarillo (similar in cream & similar two-toned)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (similar)

Now let’s talk about purchasing leather pants. Should you do it? IMO – yes. They can easily be dressed up for a fun night out on the town, or they can be worn more practically just for a day running errands. You will be the hot momma that grocery shops in leather pants. I totally am. And I’m proud of it!

Mine were a gift from my husband from a store in France that is comparable to Forever 21. It’s called Jennyfer. And yes, that’s how it’s spelled. Just know, you get what you pay for. How do I know that? My leather pants that were purchased last year have already ripped and there’s the beginnings of a hole in the crotch. And I really don’t wear them all that much.

Leather Pants
Pair #1 (Inexpensive) Forever 21 Faux Leather Pants ($22.50)
Pair #2 (Medium priced) Jaye.e Leather Pants ($49.99 but were $150!)
Pair #3 (Splurge) Free People Faux Leather Pants ($128)

You can also most definitely start with leather patched pants, the ones that have leather on the sides of just below the knees. There’s some cute options. Whichever way you do it, this trend can be done and by us ‘regular moms’!

Here’s some more options if you want to shop around. All under $200!

So the leather pants are a win for me, they pass my ‘wardrobe challenge’ for sure! In fact, we should all have some type of leather in our fashion lives.

I would love for you to join me on this wardrobe challenge! Hopefully we can encourage each other to see the best in our closets and build them so all items work many ways! If you use the hashtag #TheWardrobeChallenge on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram I’ll be sure to check it out! Let’s all make the most of our wardrobes together!

36 Responses to Wardrobe Challenge – Leather Pants

  1. Niki October 7, 2013 at 7:33 am #

    I love leather pants and you look fabulous in all three looks! The “cute” one is my favorite!

  2. Agi October 7, 2013 at 7:56 am #

    I bought a pair of leather pants and i wish i could wear them every day!!!!!! Great post!!!!


    • Natalia October 7, 2013 at 9:23 am #

      Thank you! They are comfy!

  3. Alison @ Get Your Pretty On October 7, 2013 at 8:20 am #

    Thanks so much for the inspiration! I’m trying to pair up my leather leggings for an event tomorrow night. The weather turned over the weekend so I’m hoping to pull out a sweater to wear with them. You look awesome in those leather pants!

    • Natalia October 7, 2013 at 9:23 am #

      Oh a sweater would be pretty! They’re versatile, that’s for sure! Have fun!

  4. Simply Sabrina October 7, 2013 at 11:22 am #

    This is such a great idea, I love the ‘3-way’ rule! I’m going to try it out for all upcoming purchases 🙂

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

    • Natalia October 11, 2013 at 6:59 am #

      Glad you liked it! It should be helpful in building a good, remixable wardrobe. I know I need that!

  5. Autumn October 7, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    I totally shopped at Jennyfer when I went to France my senior year of high school! I think I bought a funky pair of pants… You totally rock the leather pants. I don’t think I can do it!

    • Natalia October 11, 2013 at 6:59 am #

      Gotta love that store! It’s the closet I get to something like Forever 21 over here, so you gotta make it work! I am SURE you could rock leather pants! Just gotta find ways that work for you!

  6. anngelik October 7, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

    Those leather pants are gorgeous and I love how you styled it!


    • Natalia October 11, 2013 at 6:58 am #

      Thank you! They’re fun to wear, kinda feel like a rocker… 🙂

  7. Amanda D October 7, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    I love this wardrobe challenge idea! I feel like I already do the same thing when I shopping: if I can’t think of multiple ways to mix it up, I find something that does have multiple looks.

    Also, I’m with you on the jewelry; sometimes I can never remember to put something on last minute!

    • Natalia October 11, 2013 at 6:58 am #

      It’s a good rule to live by! And hopefully with help the wardrobe all together. Jewelry man, I will never be a true ‘fashion blogger’ because of this!

      • Amanda D October 11, 2013 at 11:25 pm #

        well, I’ll take a relatable human being over a ‘true fashion blogger’ anyday.

        • Natalia October 13, 2013 at 1:45 am #

          Lol thanks! I hope that’s me 🙂

  8. Katie @ Loverly She October 9, 2013 at 7:12 am #

    I love this idea – really forces you to make sure you are buying multi functional items. I thrift most of my clothes which means I also tend to think through my purchases a little less and end up with a bunch of clothes I never wear! thx for the inspiration! oh and also your makeup looks really lovely!

    • Natalia October 11, 2013 at 6:37 am #

      thank you so much! I don’t have the opportunity to shop very much at all, so this forces me to make the most of what I’ve got and when I do buy something, to be specific about it and make sure it works. I wish I could thrift more, but I have yet to find a good one in France!

  9. Renee October 9, 2013 at 7:44 am #

    good job, you look amazing in all the styles you have created here 🙂

  10. Tiffany Ima October 9, 2013 at 10:51 am #

    Looks good on you!

    I have not yet been able to get myself to wear them…maybe I should challenge myself as well 🙂

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

    • Natalia October 11, 2013 at 6:35 am #

      Oh yes, challenge yourself! It’s kinda fun and makes you be more creative. I wouldn’t have otherwise chosen my husband’s shirt and am now wanting to buy some for myself!

  11. Ada October 10, 2013 at 7:28 am #

    I recently purchased leather-accented skinny pants/leggings and have already worn them 6 times. I love the styling you did to yours. Great tops. I prefer them with the B+W Blouse & the Leather-accented Gray Tee. Both looks are so different yet equally chic.

    I also did a 7 for 7 remix including my Leather-accented Pants. But I was too late to link with you =(. Please check it out in the link below and let me know what you think, Natalia. Thanks so much, Ada.

    • Natalia October 11, 2013 at 6:33 am #

      Oh I’m definitely going to check out your link! I’m so bummed you didn’t get to link up. I’m thinking about having another link up, I’ll let you know when it happens! Going to check out your outfits now! 🙂

  12. Callie October 10, 2013 at 9:15 pm #

    Thanks for the suggestions on wearing leather pants! I’ve never owned any, but if I do I’ll have some great ideas on how to wear them!

    • Natalia October 11, 2013 at 6:29 am #

      They’re a fun piece to add to your wardrobe, that’s for sure! And versatile!

  13. manigazer August 25, 2014 at 10:38 am #

    I have a weakness for leather trousers. They can add such a lovely touch of chic to an otherwise basic outfit ! I love pairing mine with softer fabrics like cashmere or velvet, like in my latest post below.

    Loved this post !

    Iman ||

    • Natalia September 5, 2014 at 1:51 pm #

      Oh I love those outfits! what great ideas too 🙂

  14. Leather Attractions February 16, 2015 at 4:57 am #

    Excellent post and wonderful blog, I really like this type of interesting articles about fashion

  15. Chris August 24, 2015 at 8:30 am #

    Love the shine on those pants! All three looks are great!

  16. Chris June 9, 2016 at 6:39 pm #

    I just stumbled on this while looking for some nice leather pants for my wife. Your pants are gorgeous and you rock ’em. You go girl!


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