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Updo for Straight Hair

Heyyy-ooo It’s Friday and it’s time for another hair tutorial! Today I am happy to announce that I’ve got all the straight-haired girls out there covered. Although, this would work on pretty much any type of hair. Most tutorials I see always start with really pretty curled hair, which is […]

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jessica alba inspired hairstyle

Jessica Alba Inspired Side Bun

**psst – Thank you for all your feedback on my ‘love story’ post yesterday! I love reading all the comments!** I ask on Facebook the other day and you guys answered! Out of the updos I posted, you thought this pretty Jessica Alba one was what you wanted to see. […]

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Sleek Top Knot Tutorial

Big and Sleek Top Knot

Happy Thursday Friends! Can I just say that I have no stink in’ clue how it’s already August 14th? My birthday came and went in a flash and now we’re half way through the month. I’m leaving for France in just 14 days!! YIKES!! But being the procrastinator that I […]

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Braided Top Knot

Continuing the top knot theme! They seem to be a popular hairstyle and for obvious reasons. Anyway to wear your hair up that’s not a ponytail and is cute too, I’m all for it. Last week I did the double twisted top knot and the most popular video on my YouTube […]

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easy twisted top knot

Twisted Top Knot

It’s hot, you guys. And I don’t like it. I know I’m a California girl but GEEZ it gets brutal. At least we don’t have the humidity. Either way, when this heat comes my way, I know my go-to hairstyle will be a top knot. Knowing that, it forces me […]

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Double Headband Bun

Whoooo hooo! Here I am, second Friday of January with another tutorial! And who said I wouldn’t be consistent? Well, I did. And yes, I know, it’s only the second Friday. But hey, baby steps… I leave tomorrow for the States so you’re probably extra super impressed that this was […]

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Kate Middleton Hair Tutorial

  We all want to be a princess, am I right? That’s why Disney Princess movies sell so well, it’s every little girl’s dream! Something that most likely won’t happen to most of us. I keep asking if my husband is some kind of Prince of The Bahamas but no […]

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Triple Twist updo for Short Hair

Hello! You might notice today that one: I’m extra happy and two: I won’t be around social media all that much today. Except Instagram. I might overwhelm my Instagram feed because my husband is home!! He was gone for over 3 weeks in Europe and he’s here and I’m happy […]

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The Rope Braid

Jet lag is kicking my bootie. Like, I shed tears before 8:00 am this morning. Mainly because jet lag is kicking my 6-year-old’s butt and he doesn’t fully understand the need to rest. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. It’s so weird how it takes your body to […]

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