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A Poofy Ponytail!

Hi everyone, I, Elisabeth from, am back and loving summer! There is so much to do and so little time, not to mention how hot and humid it is. It really makes it hard to look cute when you are so hot a sweaty. So… today I am going […]

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Fine Hair Friendly- Fake Half Up

One of the plights of having fine hair, is that sometimes it just doesn’t look that amazing left down. So when I don’t want to be just…blah. But I don’t want to be….WOW! I pull this one out of my hat. My Fake Half Up Takes about as long as […]

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Fine Hair Friendly- Messy Braids

So let’s talk about the #1 problem if you have short or thin hair…. It looks messy when you try to create hair style! If it’s short, pieces poke out all over the place. If it’s thin or really fine then its gotta be messy to create texture! But wait…what’s […]

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Elegant Updo 3 Ways

Well, it’s officially April. No, I’m not slow, it’s just that time flies, doesn’t it?! I don’t know about you, but I feel like April ushers in a season. Yes, spring, but more than that. It ushers in wedding/shower season. How many of you are already filling up your weekends with baby […]

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Messy Side Bun for Short Hair

Guys, I am loving my short hair. There were some people that said “Don’t do it! Don’t shop off your hair!” And honestly, as much as I really don’t like the cut (not the best job I’ve had) I am loving styling it. Why? Because it’s fast. I can do […]

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14 Tips for Styling Curly Hair

Hello ladies! I am super duper excited about this post today. I’ve spent some time researching and trying new techniques. I wanted to create a resource for all you curly-cues out there! Your hair is beautiful! People pay to have hair like yours. If you’re discouraged and don’t really agree, […]

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No Makeup, Makeup {Winter Edition}

hey HEY hey everybody! I’m kinda excited to show you a tutorial I have prepared today. You know why I’m excited? Because I have a passion for inspiring women to embrace their beautiful. I want women to break out of the “She looks great, but I could never wear that” […]

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Salon Hair at Home

I know that a lot of you come here for the hairstyles & beauty tips. And I really love to share them! The thing is, I’m no stylist. I haven’t gone to school or practiced professionally. I just really enjoy it. And I want to encourage you that it is […]

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