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Holiday Makeup-Frosted Blue Eye Makeup

So I have given you a sophisticated Silvery Eye and a subtle colorful Purple and Gold eye, but maybe you are looking for something just a little bit more daring? Do you have a great New Year’s Eve party to go to and you want to do something that will […]

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Holiday Makeup- Gold & Plum

Let’s step out of the box a little bit more, shall we? I have already eased you in to colored liner with my Sultry Silver Eye. So now we are ready for something just a touch more experimental…Purple. I love plum eye makeup. I would actually go so far as […]

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DIY Anthro Skirt

Last week I did an outfit post and featured a skirt I most recently made.  Well, I have the tutorial for you today.  It is relatively easy, I hope I can explain it in a way that will encourage you to give it a try! Okay, let’s get started!  You […]

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DIY Jewelry Display

I had a problem for a long time… jewelry was a mess. I didn’t wear half the stuff I owned because I would forget about it or I couldn’t find it or it was all tangled up. I owned a lovely jewelry box, but I never kept it organized and everything […]

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Facebook Twist on short hair

Hey girls! Do you remember when Natalia posted her tutorial for the “Facebook” Twist? If you follow us on Facebook, you may remember she took a vote on what hairstyle you would like to see next and you all chose that one (hence the name “Facebook” Twist). Well I decided […]

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