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Triple Twist updo for Short Hair

Hello! You might notice today that one: I’m extra happy and two: I won’t be around social media all that much today. Except Instagram. I might overwhelm my Instagram feed because my husband is home!! He was gone for over 3 weeks in Europe and he’s here and I’m happy […]

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Fine Hair Friendly- Messy Braids

So let’s talk about the #1 problem if you have short or thin hair…. It looks messy when you try to create hair style! If it’s short, pieces poke out all over the place. If it’s thin or really fine then its gotta be messy to create texture! But wait…what’s […]

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Elegant Updo 3 Ways

Well, it’s officially April. No, I’m not slow, it’s just that time flies, doesn’t it?! I don’t know about you, but I feel like April ushers in a season. Yes, spring, but more than that. It ushers in wedding/shower season. How many of you are already filling up your weekends with baby […]

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Fine Hair Friendly- Hippie Twists

Sometimes pinterest drives me crazy. I have fine, thin hair and it is pretty short! So all those amazing poofy, thick fabulous tutorials out there don’t quite turn out well(in fact I don’t even bother). So I am starting a new series. In fact, it’s not really a series, it […]

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Quick, Sexy Ponytail

The ponytail. We love it and we hate it. It’s the go-to look for so many mommas out there. Hair’s out of your face, out of grabbing distance from your babies & you’re ready to get on with your day. Now, in the mom world, the ponytail has kind of […]

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Messy Top Knot for Short Hair

If you haven’t noticed, top knots are all the rage. Maybe cuz they’re cute and easy and it keeps your hair off your neck, but it’s not a ponytail. Maybe there’s lots of reasons, but either way, they make me happy. It’s a perfect second (or third or fourth) day […]

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Messy Side Bun for Short Hair

Guys, I am loving my short hair. There were some people that said “Don’t do it! Don’t shop off your hair!” And honestly, as much as I really don’t like the cut (not the best job I’ve had) I am loving styling it. Why? Because it’s fast. I can do […]

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How to Curl your Hair

Happy Saturday everyone! I know it’s the weekend and I don’t usually post on Saturdays but I have a fun series for the first 12 Days of Christmas! Since we are mainly a fashion/beauty blog and hairstyles are a favorite thing of mine, I thought I would do the 12 […]

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13 Different ways to wear your bangs

Growing out bangs. Haven’t we all been there? I know I have. And am currently there, in fact.  I’m in desperate need of a trim. In between haircuts, however, we gotta make it work.  How about 14 ways to wear your bangs?  Yes, the picture says 13, but I forgot to add […]

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