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how to make the most out of your closet: mix and match

Fall 7×7 Remix Link Party!

Eek! I had so much fun doing this challenge! To be honest, when I picked the pieces I said to myself “Oh shoot, Natalia. What’d you do? You’ll never be able to make 7 outfits with this!!” Guess what, self! I made 9 NINE outfits!! And I could have done […]

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Thrifty Fashion Finds- A nerdy floral Skirt

I am a pretty girly girl. I like my clothes soft and feminine and to be honest, when I do have some extra cash, I do most of my shopping at Anthropologie. So when I saw this thrift store find, for a whopping $4.99, it grabbed my attention because of […]

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Thrifty Fashion Finds- A Quirky Skirt

Want to know what my new obsession is?? Thrift Stores.  Now I live in Southern California and there are some uh-mazing thrift stores in these parts (I will gladly take the wealthy, fashionable socialite’s cast offs!) But you know what? My little town doesn’t have any over the top, amazing […]

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Date Night Ready – In an Hour!

We’re back for another installment of Getting Ready in… If you want to catch up you can see 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 30 minutes.  For this installment we thought we’d show you our looks for getting ready in 1 hour.  I don’t know about you guys, I don’t always have an […]

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Second Trimester Style Guide

Girls, let’s talk about pregnancy and fashion…..or the lack thereof. It is hard enough to figure out one’s own style throughout the seasons of life, but then add to the challenge the growth that occurs during pregnancy (and I am not just talking the stomach) and it is easy just […]

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