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Quick, Sexy Ponytail

The ponytail. We love it and we hate it. It’s the go-to look for so many mommas out there. Hair’s out of your face, out of grabbing distance from your babies & you’re ready to get on with your day. Now, in the mom world, the ponytail has kind of […]

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Messy Top Knot for Short Hair

If you haven’t noticed, top knots are all the rage. Maybe cuz they’re cute and easy and it keeps your hair off your neck, but it’s not a ponytail. Maybe there’s lots of reasons, but either way, they make me happy. It’s a perfect second (or third or fourth) day […]

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No Makeup, Makeup {Winter Edition}

hey HEY hey everybody! I’m kinda excited to show you a tutorial I have prepared today. You know why I’m excited? Because I have a passion for inspiring women to embrace their beautiful. I want women to break out of the “She looks great, but I could never wear that” […]

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Headband Bun Hair Tutorial

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A day that should be celebrated. A day that means a lot to me and my family. I love that we’re interracial & intercultural and although our road wasn’t always easy, it was people like Dr. King who paved the way for families […]

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5 Minute Chignon

So you guys, I leave for France in about a week. And in that short time I have to pack my stuff & the boys, all in one suitcase, play a volleyball posts, meet a bunch of blog deadlines & get on a plane to France. Move my life to […]

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Side Braid Updo

Hello everyone! So how many of you have holiday parties or occasions to attend and need a holiday hairstyle? Have any of you used any of my ’12 Days of Holiday Hairstyles?” I really hope so! And if you have, I’d really love to hear about it. It’s always encouraging […]

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Triple Poof Ponytail

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been totally delinquent the last few days. I was the matron of honor in a wedding on Friday and was not prepared to have my posts go up without me. Don’t know why I didn’t think about that, but the wedding just overtook the last few days […]

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Rope Braided Buns

Happy Friday everyone! I am in a wedding today, so I am going to be missing in action online. It should be a fun one though, can’ wait to show you some pictures from it! But for today I have another hair tutorial for you, continuing the 12 days of […]

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