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Vintage Ponytail

I hope you’ve all been liking my holiday hairstyles this week. They’ve been pretty simple so far, I wanted to give you a base and build on them from there. Here’s what we’ve covered so far: How to curl your hair Easy half-up hairstyle How to curl your hair with […]

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How to use Hot Rollers

Happy Monday! We’re three days into the 12 Days of Holiday Hairstyles and I hope you’re enjoying them so far. I know most of the women who read our blog are busy, probably mothers, possibly working as well. So all of these hairstyles are easy. Everyone can do them. Here […]

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How to: Half up Hairstyle

Welcome back to the 12 Days of Holiday Hairstyles! Friday I shared some of my favorite makeup products that will be perfect for the holidays. Now for the next 12 days I will have a hairstyles that works perfectly for that holiday party you have to attend. And with 12 to choose […]

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How to Curl your Hair

Happy Saturday everyone! I know it’s the weekend and I don’t usually post on Saturdays but I have a fun series for the first 12 Days of Christmas! Since we are mainly a fashion/beauty blog and hairstyles are a favorite thing of mine, I thought I would do the 12 […]

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13 Different ways to wear your bangs

Growing out bangs. Haven’t we all been there? I know I have. And am currently there, in fact.  I’m in desperate need of a trim. In between haircuts, however, we gotta make it work.  How about 14 ways to wear your bangs?  Yes, the picture says 13, but I forgot to add […]

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Messy Top Knot with Video

Recently I have seen my Top Knot post just blow up on Pinterest.  Well, blow up for me anyway!  So I thought it was time for a follow up post.  The most popular top knot out of that post I did was the  messy bun. If you have short hair, […]

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Easy Chignon with Poof

Happy Monday everyone!  If you are a subscriber of Copy Cat Closet, you might know that I have some fun news to share today.  And I do! But since I am writing this Sunday night (yes, I’m super organized… haha not.) you’ll have to follow me on Twitter or Facebook […]

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7 Ways to Wear a Headband

Good morning and happy Friday! As you read this, I am having a blast up at Yosemite National park with my fam-bam.  It’s a much needed vacation after missing the hubs for a couple months.  Yosemite is one of my favorite family vacations.  The outdoors, lounging, relaxing, s’mores, you know, […]

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Daily Buzz Style 9×9 – The Perfect Summer Hairstyle

  Aahhh summer.  Such a beautiful time of pool, relaxing, playing, keeping busy, BBQs, riding bikes, camping, you name it!  Seriously, who has time to do their hair?  Not only who has time, but who wants to bring a 410 degree curling iron anywhere close to their hair?  I did […]

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Beat the Heat: The Top Knot

** If you’re stopping by from Pinterest, I have new post with a video on two ways to create the messy top knot for long hair.  Check it out! If you have short hair, no worries! Here’s a tutorial on a messy top knot for short hair. You can also see […]

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