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Half Up Hair Bun

I have a hairstyle for you today! Yay! And with my new found desire to get my act together, I am hoping to be more consistent in bringing you guys some fun looks for the holidays. Yipee! Now, let’s do this. I love Kate Middleton. I don’t really idolize too […]

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Fine Hair Friendly- Fake Half Up

One of the plights of having fine hair, is that sometimes it just doesn’t look that amazing left down. So when I don’t want to be just…blah. But I don’t want to be….WOW! I pull this one out of my hat. My Fake Half Up Takes about as long as […]

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How to: Half up Hairstyle

Welcome back to the 12 Days of Holiday Hairstyles! Friday I shared some of my favorite makeup products that will be perfect for the holidays. Now for the next 12 days I will have a hairstyles that works perfectly for that holiday party you have to attend. And with 12 to choose […]

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Half Up Criss-Cross Hair Tutorial

So I feel like I have been kinda MIA lately.  We got back from France Tuesday afternoon and after spending nearly 2 hours going through customs, we made it out and home at last!  And this time I don’t have to do that flight again for another couple months, yay! […]

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Half up Dutch Side Braid – Tutorial

Good morning everyone!  I leave for the states in approximately 2 weeks to travel back to the states again.  I have mentioned before, I really don’t like packing (not to mention, I’m horrible at it).  I don’t like packing a suitcase for a lovely vacation, let alone packing my entire […]

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Half Up Holiday Hair

5 flights, 5 airplanes, 4 cities, 3 countries, 2 days spent in California (& 2 spent traveling) 1 lost bag and 1 tired lady. I left Thursday morning from France, got into LA Thursday night, went straight to the salon where I got my new bangs! (love you Sue!)  Spent […]

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Half up Hair knot with Tutorial

And so it begins!  30 Days of Beauty here at Ma Nouvelle Mode. Isn’t it a pretty little button?? Thanks to my wonderful mom, who made it for me! Now onto the month of beauty.  I am starting off with an easy hair tutorial. So easy it is actually less […]

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