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8 Tips for keeping your hair healthy

Keeping your hair healthy can seem like something only for movie stars and people that can afford their own personal beauty squad. But that’s not true! You and I – everyday women – can have beautiful, healthy hair as well! And it’s really not that difficult nor expensive. So for […]

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8 Ways to Make your Hair Color Last Longer

If you’re like me, you love going to the hair salon. There are no kids asking for you to wipe their bottoms or fighting with their brothers. Just lovely smells, freshly washed hair (that you didn’t have to do yourself!), and maybe even a scalp massage. It’s heavenly. However, it […]

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How to Use a Clipless Curling Iron

It’s November already (say whaaaaat???) and I want to do a series of holiday hairstyles coming up in a couple weeks. However, at the base of all those tutorials is curled hair. So I thought a good start would be a tutorial on how to use a clip-less curling iron! It’s […]

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14 Tips for Styling Curly Hair

Hello ladies! I am super duper excited about this post today. I’ve spent some time researching and trying new techniques. I wanted to create a resource for all you curly-cues out there! Your hair is beautiful! People pay to have hair like yours. If you’re discouraged and don’t really agree, […]

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7 Tips for Winter Hair Care

Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s snowing, or rainy, or windy. You know, it’s winter! And if you weren’t sure, check your Instagram or Facebook feed. I’m sure there’s quite a few weather forecasts floating around. Just because you’re suffering with all of the freezing temperatures, why should your hair suffer too? It really […]

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Hair Basics – Styling Tools Every Girl Needs

On Monday we talked about wardrobe basics, yesterday we discussed makeup ‘must-haves’ and today we’re gonna talk about my favorite hair products and why you need them! I am not a professional stylist, although I fully intend to be someday, but I love doing hair.  I style hair for weddings, […]

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