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spring makeup tutorial

Spring Makeup Tutorial

Spring is here! I mean, today happens to be cold and rainy, but I know it’s gonna warm up soon! So what a better way to celebrate than with a spring makeup tutorial! Something simple and pretty that you can wear everyday or for a night out. It’s perfect for […]

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Easy Eye Shadow Options

All sample products reviewed were provided by Revlon. I don’t claim to be a makeup or fashion expert. I don’t always know the latest trends or wear makeup everyday. I’m just another girl/mom/wife trying to do my best while looking my best in this world. I think it’s important! I […]

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3 Simple Eyeliner Techniques

Well Hello Ma Nouvelle Mode readers! My name is Marissa from Bliss Makeup Artistry and I’m here today to show you 3 simple eyeliner techniques! Each one will create a whole different look. Whether you are doing your makeup to go out for the night, or just staying in for […]

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Holiday Makeup Tutorials!

With holidays upon us, I was thinking about how this is the time of year you can get away with things that are otherwise a little overboard. Things like Hair tinsel, sparkly red sweaters, and gold EVERYTHING all help to create the fun, festive feeling that makes this time of […]

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Beauty Basics – Makeup Must Haves

So since the theme of the month is beauty and style, and yesterday I went over some style staples for your wardrobe, I thought I would go over some makeup staples today!  Some ‘must-haves,’ if you will, in every woman’s makeup bag.  With some of these you will be set […]

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Revelon Palette Makeup Tutorial

As you probably have figured out by now, we love writing about makeup and hair and all things fashion and beauty.  However, we’re just regular girls like you who happen to enjoy all those girlie things!  So when it comes to makeup, you might not see anything super fancy here […]

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Summer Makeup: Gold Shimmer Eyes

Well, summer is in full swing around these parts with lots of swimming and playing and being active and I love it.  I especially love tiring out my boys, which can sometimes prove to be challenging but it’s fun for all of us, so I’m gonna say it’s worth it. […]

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Easy Eye Makeup

Hello and good morning everyone!  The sun is SHINING here in France and I am loving it!  Me and my boys are going to have lunch at the park, get out some energy (for them), and then nap! 🙂 I have some something awesome to tell you.  Remember Kindra, who […]

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