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twisted side braid hair tutorial

Twisted Side Braid tutorial

You know it’s kinda hard to be a beauty blogger in today’s world. Why? Because there are a ton of us and it’s hard to be original. I don’t want to copy anyone and I want to come at ya’ll with some cute hair & beauty related stuff that inspires […]

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Simple Everyday Curls

Hey guys! It’s Friday so it’s time for another hair tutorial! A little bit ago I shared on Instagram a photo of an ‘easy curls’ hairstyle I did – easy everyday curls – and asked if you guys would be interested in a tutorial. Welp, I did a tutorial! My […]

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Quick & Easy 4 Step Hair Tutorial

Don’t you love it when you come across a beautiful hair tutorial on Pinterest? So pretty you just have to know how it’s done? Then you click it and it takes you somewhere that has nothing to do with the picture. Or it was just that, just a pretty style […]

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Easy Faux-Hawk Tutorial

So if you follow me on Instagram or saw my post the other day, you might have noticed that I found a new hairstyle (for me) and I love it. It’s easy, perfect for dirty hair — which mine is most of the time — and cute! I’m not sure […]

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A Poofy Ponytail!

Hi everyone, I, Elisabeth from, am back and loving summer! There is so much to do and so little time, not to mention how hot and humid it is. It really makes it hard to look cute when you are so hot a sweaty. So… today I am going […]

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Fine Hair Friendly- Hippie Twists

Sometimes pinterest drives me crazy. I have fine, thin hair and it is pretty short! So all those amazing poofy, thick fabulous tutorials out there don’t quite turn out well(in fact I don’t even bother). So I am starting a new series. In fact, it’s not really a series, it […]

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Messy Top Knot for Short Hair

If you haven’t noticed, top knots are all the rage. Maybe cuz they’re cute and easy and it keeps your hair off your neck, but it’s not a ponytail. Maybe there’s lots of reasons, but either way, they make me happy. It’s a perfect second (or third or fourth) day […]

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