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how to do a fishtail braid

How to do a Fishtail Braid

So I have decided┬áto go back to basics with hair. The base of things is really what needs to be learned to create all those other fun styles you see. So think of it as a beauty school of sorts. We’ll do braids, buns, blow dry, products, and anything else […]

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Hanging Lace Braid

I am so excited to not only share a pretty hair tutorial with you today, but also a fun collaboration! I met hair blogger/vlogger Lori a little while ago, it think on Instagram. Well, she’s kinda huge on Instagram now because she shares all these beautiful hairstyles everyday. Mostly on […]

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Double Dutch Braided Updo

I have a suspicious feeling that this summer is gonna be hecka hot. Like it’s June and we’re already hitting the 100’s. Ain’t nobody got time to mess around with heat on their hair! This style is perfect. Two Dutch braids and a simple bun in the back. You can […]

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Side Dutch Braid

It’s Friday – hair tutorial time! This pancaked side Dutch braid is just what you need this weekend. It’s totally ‘on-trend’, easy to do, and cute! Not to mention practical and a great upgrade from a mom ponytail. If you know how to Dutch braid, you’re good to go! If […]

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twisted side braid hair tutorial

Twisted Side Braid tutorial

You know it’s kinda hard to be a beauty blogger in today’s world. Why? Because there are a ton of us and it’s hard to be original. I don’t want to copy anyone and I want to come at ya’ll with some cute hair & beauty related stuff that inspires […]

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Braided Top Knot

Continuing the top knot theme! They seem to be a popular hairstyle and for obvious reasons. Anyway to wear your hair up that’s not a ponytail and is cute too, I’m all for it. Last week I did the double twisted top knot and the┬ámost popular video on my YouTube […]

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Simple Side French Braid

Simple is good, right? It can be done fast and can be done by mostly everyone. That is today’s hair tutorial. I have done a few tutorials in my ‘Back to Basics’ series like how to bobby pin and how to tease your hair. I have many more up my […]

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The Rope Braid

Jet lag is kicking my bootie. Like, I shed tears before 8:00 am this morning. Mainly because jet lag is kicking my 6-year-old’s butt and he doesn’t fully understand the need to rest. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. It’s so weird how it takes your body to […]

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Fine Hair Friendly- Messy Braids

So let’s talk about the #1 problem if you have short or thin hair…. It looks messy when you try to create hair style! If it’s short, pieces poke out all over the place. If it’s thin or really fine then its gotta be messy to create texture! But wait…what’s […]

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3 Winter Braids

Happy Monday everyone! Don’t be confused, I did in fact cut my hair. This post was done a couple weeks ago for Rags to Stitches. I am a contributor over there & I shared about winter braids. When my hair was long it was get ratted & disgusting. Really the […]

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