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How to do French & Dutch Braids

Hey everyone! I’m back with another back to basics hair tutorial! This time I am going to go over how to do a Dutch braid and a French braid. They are very similar so I didn’t want to break them up into different posts. I made a video and I feel […]

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Back to Basics: Hair Products that work!

I love feedback I get on tutorials that I post and I absolutely love when you show me pictures of styles you’ve done from a tutorial I’ve created. Seriously, I also often get quite a few questions about why styles aren’t working. The bobby pins won’t stay, the tease […]

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Back to Basics: The Hair Tease

We’re going back to basics, ladies! I started a little series last week called Back to Basics. I started with showing you my bobby pin technique. I also showed you a few styles in the video including the braided bouffant. The idea of this is to show you all the […]

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