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Gold Fall Makeup Tutorial

So this is coming to ya a little bit late, I’m sure you all were checking your clocks wondering! But heck, I just got back to France and we’re still adjusting and I’m tired and so our my kids and well, I could keep going, but I’m sure you understand. By the way, tomorrow I’m going to share a little video of our trip cross country. I took snippets along the way, it might be interesting? Who knows!

But for today I have a pretty fall makeup look – golden fall makeup tutorial! Here’s the finished look:

Golden eyes: Fall makeup tutorial

golden eye makeup tutorial

Just look at the eyes, okay? Not the wrinkles or bushy eye brows or whatever. But the golds, it’s pretty, right? I used a few palettes but mostly the Naked 2 palette. Love this palette, it’s so versatile. Here’s the deets:

fall makeup tutorial

That’s about it. It’s not nearly as tricky as it looks and I hope you can see it well in the video how I did it. It’s the perfect fall makeup look with all the beautiful brown and gold colors. It’s also lovely for a night out!

I paired mine with a very nude lip gloss from Mary Kay. When you play up the eyes there is no reason to vamp up the lips as well. Usually just one of them is more than enough! I love me some bold lips but it’s fun to let your eyes do all the talking every once in a while.

pretty makeup tutorial

Really the colors in the palette are the stars of the show, I just put them on my eyes. I really hope you like this look and that it’s something you feel like you could do! You’ll have to watch the video to get the complete look. If you want to check out more on my YouTube channel, you can do so and subscribe here and I’d love to have you! If you like my videos, give me a thumbs up! It’s just a small, encouraging way to tell me you like what I’m doing. :) If you have any suggestions as well, I love to hear them! Leave them in the comments here or on YouTube, I will read them!

Tell me, is this a look you think you’d do for fall?

Have a great day!

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