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My Boy’s Hairstyles

This post is brought to you by Miriam Shopper but all words, opinions & cute kids are all my own!

My boys and their hair. Man, this is the saga of young kids, isn’t it? The thing is, we have a little extra added into it with our kids because they’re mixed. So their hair is this thick, coarse kinda-curly-but-not-really hair. So we struggle because they want to wear their hair like their white friends but the reality is that they aren’t white.

Also, they are quite specific on how they want their hair. It’s quite funny actually. They are now at the age where they care if it doesn’t look nice. It’s a good thing, I guess, caring about how you present yourself, but it’s just funny how they choose to do their hair.


So I’ve let them take the reigns (mostly) in how they style their hair and I found a fun way to encourage it! I picked up some Suave Kids hair products at Walmart that have the StarWars characters on them. They were so excited to have the body wash/shampoo & conditioner and the hair gel. Not to mention that there are two amazing coupons going on right now – $1.50 OFF any 1 Suave Kids Purely Fun hair care product and $1.00 OFF any 1 Suave Kids hair care product (both available 8/28 – 9/24). I think that’s what I was so excited about!

boys hairstyles

My kids have kinda weird skin. My older son can have reactions like an itchy face and little bumps if we aren’t very careful with what we use. That’s why I love that these are hypoallergenic, tear-free, and dermatologist tested. It also rinses out easily and is residue free. I am sure other mommas out there understand how important these things are!

We didn’t even have anywhere to go right away, but they immediately went to work on their hair. They’re so cute. My younger guy has a personality all his own but somehow still thinks its so cool to copy his older brother.


They pull their hair all the way forward and then flip up the front. It’s definitely not the way I would choose to style their hair, specially because their hair is thick and coarse and rarely lays flat, but hey, that’s what they like!

What I like about this hair gel is that it isn’t a solid, solid hold. Some others we’ve tried hold the hair so hard it actually can hurt them at night before they go to bed. This is a lighter-weight hold and would work really well on other hair wig types as well.

In case you have daughters and were wondering what they have for them, they are not short on fun Frozen characters! I know my nieces would love it and maybe actually let me play with their hair!


It still looks a little wet here, but it dries and holds. They were happy with their hair and I was happy that they did something to their hair!

Don’t forget to grab these fun Disney products next time you’re at Walmart! They are perfect for bath/shower time & hairstyling! My boys have had fun with creating their own looks for sure.

What type of hair products do you use on your kids?

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