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Beach Wear

Today I am on my way down to Nice, France. The Cote d’Azur. This will be my third time to the south of France and I can’t wait. We are visiting friends who live there one last time before we leave for the States which is at the end of May. I thought it would be only appropriate to share some beach wear! I’m actually not sure how much time we will get to actually spend by the water, but I am hoping it’s at least a little!

Beach Wear

Beach Wear

Cover up // bathing suit // sunglasses // hat // tote // sandals

I shared on Facebook the other day that this was the exact bathing suit that I just bought. I wore it today to the beach for the first time and I love it. It covers everything that needs to be covered, no boobies or booty hanging out and it’s comfortable. I was searching for bottoms that were more like boy shorts and these are perfect.

Someone asked me why I don’t try a tankini or a one piece. Well, let me tell you, I am all about modest bathing suits. The thing is, I am 6 feet tall. One piece bathing suits looks so funny on me. Like a leotard from the 80’s or something where they come all the way above your hip bones. Yep, it’s not a good look.

So why not tankinis? Well, this presents another problem. They are usually too short to reach all the way to the bottoms and the bottoms come up just below all my glorious stretch marks. It’s like a bathing suit made to highlight the fact that I birthed two kids. “Heeeeeellloooo stretch marks!” Also not a good look.

So I have settled on bikinis. I just try to get them as modest as I can. My stomach isn’t too horrible, I’m comfortable with my weight and size, so I just go for it.

Here are some super cute bathings suits for you to check out for this summer! I tried to chose some that are modest and not just for 21-year-olds. If I could rock a one-piece, I’d get number 4 for sure! Which is your favorite?

cute beach wear

one // two // three // four // five // six

So what kind of bating suit will you be rocking this swimsuit season?

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