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The Perfect Nude Lipstick

Happy Tuesday! So I’m back at ya today with another lip trend! Honestly I am so stinking proud of myself for keeping this trend up for this long. But I love lipsticks and lip colors and we’re finally getting out of winter when all that color seems more appropriate, so [...]

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Hair Products Reveal

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lunchbox. Remember a couple weeks ago when I talked about these mystery products that I was sent to try? Well, today’s reveal day and I don’t think you’ll ever guess what brand it is! When I first got the [...]

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Shopping with a 16-Year-Old

The first week of vacation I had a young girl, 16 years old, come stay with us for a week to help improve her English. It wasn’t until literally leaving the house to pick her up from the airport that I realized 1 – I am no longer anywhere near [...]

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Les Machines

The French, they know how to do vacation. All the schools in France get a two week vacation every 6 weeks. And they still have 2 months of summer. At first I thought it was a little weird, but now I really love it. It’s a great break for the [...]

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Orange Lipsticks to Try

The last couple Mondays we’ve chatted about lipstick colors to wear. We talked about the perfect red lipstick and how to get it. Then we talked about rocking a pink lipstick because it’s absolutely perfect for spring. And then I thought it would be perfect to add orange to that [...]

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Free Easter Printables

Happy Easter! Did you just flip over and check your calendar? Sorry to freak you out, it’s not till April 20th. But in a blogger’s world, holidays begin early. And it’s all done for you, baby. A year or two ago, my momma put together some free Easter printables for [...]

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Join the next 7×7 Remix!

It’s time again!! We’re doing a 7×7 Remix again!! I really would love for you to join us. This time around I’m linking up with Cyndi from Walking in Grace and Beauty. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, seriously, do it. She’s beautiful inside and out and a [...]

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Pink Lipsticks to try this Spring

Well, last time we talked about the classic red lip. It’s for everyone. I promise you can wear a bold red lip! But since spring is showing its beautiful face lately & Easter is right around the corner, I thought the appropriate next post would be top ten pink lipsticks. [...]

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