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Braided Headband & Side pony

I posted this hairstyle on Instagram the other day and a lot of you were asking for the tutorial for it! Well, I aim to please, so I’ve got it today! It’s actually something kinda fun. A fellow hair blogger and I have collaborated to create two versions of this hairstyle for you guys. Maria from Flettemia is going to show you how to do the braided headband and I am going to show you how to turn that into a beautiful side ponytail!

Maria is from Norway and you’ve probably seen a few of her amazing hairstyles on Instagram where she’s got about 45,000 followers! She shares the most beautiful styles, so if you’re not already, head over and follow her there!

We both will have YouTube videos for our styles so you can watch hers then mine to get the complete look!

complete look - braided headband and side ponytail

I think it looks way more complicated than it actually is, promise. Maria will show you the braided part and the side pony is even more simple than that! Here are some different views of it so you can get the complete look.

braided headband tutorial

simple braided headband side ponytail with braided headband


So all you have to do to find out how to do this look is head over to Flettemia’s page and check out how to do a lace braid. She shows you with more of a part and mine is from one side to the next, but it’s all the same idea! We just wanted to give you options with how you could wear this style. Then, once you’ve got the lace braid down, come back over here and check out how to do the cute, twisted side pony! It’s really so simple, you’ll be glad you have it in your hairstyle repertoire!

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