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Some BIG Changes

So I went missing in action last week, sorry about that! But I promise, I have a very good excuse. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might have seen these changes. They also may have seemed all of a sudden, but they weren’t. So here’s the news:

We’re moving back to America.

Yep. We’re done living in France. My husband is hanging up his jersey and we’re making our home in southern California. So the last couple weeks I had to pack my entire house, get rid of stuff we weren’t taking, sell stuff that was worth selling and get ready to make this big move. We left France with 7 big bags, 4 carry ons and 4 back packs. We flew from Nantes to Paris to Los Angeles in a little over 15 hours. And we made it home okay. We’re tired and jet lagged, but happy to be home.

French dining area

It was hard, you guys. So, so hard for me. We have lived this crazy international life for 8 years. And my husband’s done it for 10. We’ve lived between the two countries for so long, I don’t know what it’s like to stay in one place! Of all our years in France, this past year in Challans was the first time we had stayed in the same house, the same city and the same school for our kids.

Our friends in Challans were incredible. They were helpful and loving and welcoming and fun. They showed us so much of French culture and were happy to do it. My younger son had the best teacher I have ever experienced. She loved the kids, was strict and disciplined firmly but lovingly. She created an amazing environment for learning and growing for these children. She planned field trips, shows, helped them plant a garden and even took them to the farmer’s market to buy veggies to make a French soup. Then each child got to take some home to eat it! My son’s French improved by leaps and bounds this year and now he is fluent. He is 5 years old and can read in two languages. I am not saying this to brag, but only to give testament to this teacher. He didn’t make as much progress last year, but this year he excelled. It’s all because of her taking the time to teach him.

It was hard to leave. Hard to leave friends. Hard to leave the beautiful country of France. Hard to leave the wonderful culture. Hard to know that the next time we go back, we’ll just be visitors. Man, it was all very hard.

However, I am so thankful for the adventures we’ve had. I’ve been able to visit 13 countries, I speak another language, my kids are bilingual and we’ve experienced so many other cultures and ways of life. It’s opened our eyes to so many things and we will be forever changed. I am sad that I can’t just hop on a plane to Africa or eastern Europe or the south of France. I’m sad that all these cultures are now so far away.

Marrakech 5

However, I do know that a new adventure awaits us. Starting our life new here in America isn’t an easy thing and here we are. We’ve got to get ‘normal’ jobs, put our kids in an American school and find a house. We’re living where we’re gonna grow old and see our kids grow up and get married and live life. That’s a weird thought after moving around for so many years.

Al few people have commented on Facebook or Instagram that they started following me to follow my adventures abroad. I kind of feel sad I don’t have that to offer any more. But my husband and I have never been normal and I don’t intend to start now. We will have plenty new adventures and I hope you’re here to follow along with those!

Thanks for all your love and support over the years! I have been happy to share here and have this community! Here’s to closing that chapter of my life and to starting a new!!

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