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How to Wear a Striped Blazer

I got a beautiful striped blazer in my Stitch Fix box back in August that is fabulous. It’s comfortable, fits great and is oh-so-beyond cute. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to do a post on how to wear a striped blazer! So I snapped a few pictures to showcase my favorite striped blazer.

How to wear a striped blazer

how to wear a striped blazer

I’m not sure there is a wrong way to do this, actually! I mean, whether with bright colors or even floral, it’s such a cute, versatile piece!


Stitch Fix striped blazer

Even though I’m wearing it with heels in this picture, those are easily swapped out for a pair of Chucks. It makes the whole outfit more casual yet so put together. Another cute idea would be with a pair of boyfriend jeans, Chucks, and the striped blazer. Ya, I think I’ll wear that tomorrow!


with a jumper

This fun jumper I got at JC Penney last year. It’s really comfortable and a perfect transitional piece because it’s lightweight and flowy with simple straps. I prefer the striped blazer with this jumper because it streamlines it and pulls it all together.

Colored Denim

striped blazer with colored denim

Yes, yes, yes to this one! I love the contrast of the black and white stripes with the pink denim. It reminds me of the Betsey Johnson looks I created the other day! I think a pop of color can take any outfit from ‘eh’ to ‘wowza!’


business striped blazer

Of course we couldn’t leave out business attire! If you’ve got an office job a striped blazer is a perfect way to spice up your work wardrobe. You could even swap out my (boring) black skirt for a fun, vibrant color for more of a statement outfit. Either way, you really can’t go wrong wearing it for business attire too!

There you have it! Four ways I have styled my striped blazer. I haven’t been able to experiment with it as much as I’d like and I think the next choices on my list are wearing it with leopard and floral. Not at the same time, of course, but mixing them with the striped blazer.

Since I got my striped blazer from Stitch Fix (which you have to check out if you already haven’t!), I couldn’t tell you wear to buy the exact one. But I have searched the internet for some comparable options. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

where to buy a striped blazer

one // two // three // four // five // six

Would you wear a striped blazer? And if you already have one, how do you style it?

Happy shopping! :)

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