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How to stay moisturized in the Winter

**These are the real deal tips that I use to keep me and my family moisturized all winter long with Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Lotion and this post is part of a sponsored post from SocialStars. All tips & opinions are my own!**

When the cold weather blows in it usually brings in dry, cracked skin. I know with all the dishes I have to do around here mine are certainly dried out! My hands, feet, and legs are the ones that are hit the hardest. But just as we work to keep the rest of our body healthy, we have to work to stay moisturized in the winter. When we stay moisturized, it protects sensitive skin, improves skin tone and texture, and mask imperfections (source). I thought it would be a perfect time to share some tips on how to stay moisturized this winter!

How to stay moisturized in the winter

tips on how to stay moisturized in the winter

Moisturize Well & Often

moisturize often with Aveeno

Weather and everyday activities can take a toll on our skin. It’s good to find a good moisturizer to make sure that not only do you moisturize consistently but stay moisturized! I have been using Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Lotion and I love the difference it has made! It’s non-greasy and absorbs quickly. It also contains no added fragrance which is great for those with sensitive skin. After trying and loving my Aveeno® CC Cream, I knew that if it was anything similar, it’d be a hit. I was right!


If you have really dry skin it might be a good idea to sleep with a humidifier on at night. This will help keep moisture in the air and therefore your skin as well. Added bonus – can be great if you’re congested as well!

Stay away from hot water

Gosh, I know guys, it’s SO TEMPTING to want to jump in that scorching hot shower. I just love a hot morning shower! However, so much hot water isn’t good for your skin! It has the same effect as on your hair and dries it out. If you really just cannot resist, make sure you do some extra slathering when you hop out of the shower!

Ease up on harsh treatments

If you do microdermabrasion or peels consistently, try easing up on those during the winter months. The weather is already harsh enough on your skin, you don’t need any added roughness. Instead, focus on staying moisturized and limiting your exposure to low humidity, harsh winds, dry heat, high altitude, sun, alcohol, and even long baths. That coupled with applying a great moisturizer will do the trick!

Exfoliate first

stay moisturized after exfoliation with aveeno

When you get rid of all the extra dead skin cells, you are prepping your skin to receive the moisturizer when you apply it. I don’t know about you, but my feet during the winter, for example, are ridiculous. They need a scrub more often than I give it to them. Exfoliate once a week (or every other week if you have naturally dry skin) and then follow up immediately with your Aveeno® lotion.


I’ve been reading lately that the amount of water that you drink doesn’t directly affect to your skin. It’s not so much how much water you drink that will help you stay moisturized in winter but what you eat! “Foods rich in the essential fatty acids found in walnuts, flaxseed, salmon, and olive oil can help skin cells stay hydrated.” (source) This article goes on to say that eating more of these types of food paired with a good moisturizer (also suggesting Aveeno®!) will set you right. Applying moisturizer twice a day will do you much better than drinking an extra glass of water. (Although water is still good for your body!)

Overnight Moisture

before and after moisturized with aveeno

If you have some serious cracked tootsies, you might want to up the ante! Try applying your Aveeno® cream to your feet at night before you go to bed and then put on socks. This will lock the moisturizer in for the night and really soften your feet. I used my husband because you can really see the difference before and after. Can you guess which one has been moisturized? Yep, the one on the right. Just kidding! It’s obviously the left and the right needs some work…

If you can’t stand socks through the night, at least start with them on. Even if you kick them off during the night, you will still have gotten benefits from it.

There you have it! How to stay moisturized in the winter! Follow these tips and you are well on your way to beautiful, glowing skin!

how to stay moisturized in the winter with Aveeno

Any tips you’d add? Leave them in the comments, I’d love to hear them!

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