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New Hairstyle

I am in desprate need of a new haircut.  A new style.  I have been growing my hair out now for almost 2 years.  It grows pretty fast so it is pretty long.  I am finally to the point where I don’t have bangs that can’t fit into a ponytail, which is nice because I can just throw my hair up, no bobypins, and go.  But lately I’ve been thinking {Oh lawdy!} that it is time for something new.  I usually do this and then BAM! my hair’s chopped of or I’m blonde.  In high school I had been a blonde for years, not naturally of course, and then one day I decided I didn’t want to be blonde anymore, made an appointment and BAM! brunette.  This was partly due to the fact that I broke up with my boyfriend who’s sister was a hairdresser… 🙁  no more free hair!  I couldn’t afford to keep up the blonde!  Anywho, I am thinking again that I need a change.  I have long brown hair which is relatively thick, in definite need of a trim, not curly or straight, just frizzy.  I was thinking maybe bangs… But then I just got down growing out my bangs!  So I am totally undecided.  Here are some pictures of what I am thinking about…

I like Reese’s bangs, kinda side swept, looks like you could do more than just in front.

I like the layers on her. I love layers.  I would definitely need more layers.
But then I am thinking, if I don’t have bangs, I could maybe do long waves like this…
So, what do ya think?  Should I do it? Yikes, I’m nervous and I don’t even have an appointment!!  DORK.
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Changing my thought process

My husband asked me the other day why I didn’t own boots like this: And my first thought, as it mostly always is, was “because I have two kids and I am a mom, that’s why!”  But I don’t want to think like that anymore!!  I want to wear cute […]

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Ma Nouvelle Mode

Hello all! My name is Natalia.  I am a wife of the hottest man I know and mother of two awesome little monsters.  Except, I am not here to talk about them.  As much as I love my life as mommy and wife, I need something for me.  Since having […]

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