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Polyvore Style

So, I could spend alllll day on this site.  And make a million outfits.  Which is great, because I can’t really shop right now, so this is fun.  It’s like practice shopping for when I can.  And I practice hard!

This is what I came up with.  Isn’t it fun?  The reason I chose RED pants, and I chose them first, was to get my head out of the normal Natalia wordrobe.  I mean, I looked at my closet the other day and almost EVERYTHING is black, brown, or blue.  BORING!  I need some color in my life.  So I forced myself to think outside of the box with this one, and I love it. 

This outfit isn’t really all that practical, for a few reasons.  One being that I am 6 feet tall.  (yes, you read that right, and yes, I am already aware of it.)  So the shoes are just my dream shoes.  I also have huge feet.  So I am sure none of those lovelies come in my size.  And lastly, I must have picked the most expensive things on Polyvore.  Just not gonna happen.  Althought I just love the Stella McCartney shirt.  Love it.  And the ring.  And the Chanel bracelet…

So what do you think?  Would you rock red pants??  Do you already rock red pants?  If yes, AWESOME.  If no, join me in working up the courage!

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Paper Wreath

So I saw a paper wreath over at Living with Lindsay and thought, ‘hey I could do that!’  I don’t have a ton of resources, but I have an old book and a glue gun.  I didn’t have a foam wreath, so I decided to change it up a bit.  And […]

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Oscar Party!

You are all probably watching the Oscar’s right now, or gearing up to!  But since I live in France, I can’t watch the Oscar’s live.  I have to wait and download the next day.  Which is fine, because I don’t have to watch commercials!  But if I was in the […]

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Blog Lovin’

I joined BlogLovin’ today!  Come check me out and follow me!!  Thanks so much lovelies!  I mean, seriously, how fun is this bloggy world?!? I love it! Follow my blog with bloglovin

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Inspiration from the Postman

I got a little inspiration in the mail today.  And it was wonderful.  Letters are always wonderful to receive, and it helps when you live thousands of miles away from most family and friends.  Today my mom sent me a clipping from Better Homes and Gardens March 2011 issue.  It […]

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First Outfit Post!

I decided to go for it!  I just did it.  Feeling silly and I, I just did it!  So here is my first outfit post, hopefully one of many.  Pictures courtesy of my three-year-old.  That is why I am ducking in most, he is tall, but not that tall! Tae, […]

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Waiting for warm weather!

I am ready for summer.  Can you tell?  I decided since I can’t buy anything right now, I will put together little ideas of what I would like to buy when the chance comes.  I put this together between Old Navy, Gap, and Bbanana Republic.  Now I can’t really afford […]

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Date Night

Last night I got to go on a date with my husband.  I was exciting on many levels.  One, it had been too long since our kids were sick.  Two, I wanted to have a good reason to wear a cute outfit (not just walking to the post office).  Three, […]

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Today was a tough one.  I got a little discouraged (ok, I broke down and cried a bit) with this whole life-makeover thing.  I was inspired by some creative stuff that I had seen on a few blogs and thought ‘I want to do something creative!’  I searched around the […]

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My daily makeup routine

Ok, I am slight embarressed to post pictures of myself like this on the internet, but I did it!  Here is my makeup routine, if I choose to bother with it! 🙂 My makeup For my makeup I use Makeup Forever for foundation, {love it!}.  For concealer, which is a must […]

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