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Wee Bit Wednesdays

Good morning, everyone!  Sorry I missed yesterday, my internet was off again.  Husband is going to the store to see if they can fix it as we speak.  He’s on top of it because otherwise he can’t watch his, heaven forbid, and I couldn’t blog, heaven forbid! So yesterday […]

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ABC’s of me

Hello everyone!  Sorry for lack of posting yesterday.  Our internet went out in our apartment and then we had a crazy afternoon!  But I am back, here at Mc Donald’s (we don’t have starbucks, boo!), and I thought I would do the ABC’s of me.  I have been seeing it […]

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Little bit about me…

How would people describe your personality? (If they could only use ONE word.) Are they right? Okay, I just asked my husband. He took a sec, looked up and said “complicated.” LOL I would have to agree.What celebrity/celebrities would create a “Star-Struck” feeling if you saw them in real life?I […]

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Sunday Recap

This week was great.  My older son spent almost 4 days with friends.  I got to clean and create and hang out and relax and it was lovely.  Just lovely.  I went to pick him up on Wednesday and Thursday we went to Annecy which was absolutely lovely as well.  Then […]

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Blog Lovin’

I joined BlogLovin’ today!  Come check me out and follow me!!  Thanks so much lovelies!  I mean, seriously, how fun is this bloggy world?!? I love it! Follow my blog with bloglovin

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Changing my thought process

My husband asked me the other day why I didn’t own boots like this: And my first thought, as it mostly always is, was “because I have two kids and I am a mom, that’s why!”  But I don’t want to think like that anymore!!  I want to wear cute […]

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Ma Nouvelle Mode

Hello all! My name is Natalia.  I am a wife of the hottest man I know and mother of two awesome little monsters.  Except, I am not here to talk about them.  As much as I love my life as mommy and wife, I need something for me.  Since having […]

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