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Braided Headband & Side pony

I posted this hairstyle on Instagram the other day and a lot of you were asking for the tutorial for it! Well, I aim to please, so I’ve got it today! It’s actually something kinda fun. A fellow hair blogger and I have collaborated to create two versions of this […]

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Phenomenal Women

It seems like, with so many forms of social media, we often hear a lot of the negatives. Life is hard and dangerous and people are bad. So when I come across a company that wants to honestly do good and inspire and uplift other women, I’m all about it. […]

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Dutch Hippie Part Braids

I have seen this hairstyle floating around for a while and I thought it looked kinda interesting! It might be a little too ‘hippie’ for some, but it’s really just a cute braid that keeps your bangs out of your face. And for me, that’s a win! I’m calling this […]

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PS. i adore you

The other day when we were driving home from the Chateaux in the Loire Valley we were in desperate need of gas. We had driven too far and couldn’t find a station. Finally we made our way to one, a little out of the way, and stopped to fill up […]

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Stoli Lemonade

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of STOLIĀ® Vodka. All opinions are 100% mine. It is getting HOT you guys! And I'm not gonna lie, it's not my favorite. We try to live in the pool but that isn't always an option! When it's not I […]

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Out of the office

Well, I’m out of the office. My boys and I took a trip to the other side of France (it seems like this is where we always end up!) for our vacation. The boys don’t have school and there’s a basketball camp the first week of vacation. My older son […]

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Let’s go away together!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Now Resorts & Spas. All opinions are 100% mine. I'm back in France and my life is zooming back to normal. No resting here, the kids are back in school tomorrow and I have a French test to take! […]

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Getting Organized with Rubbermaid

Oh my goodness, you guys. My life has been a big ball of insane. Is that even a thing? As you know, we flew to the States for my Dad’s retirement dinner. It’s a two-week turnaround from France — needless to say, it’s been busy and I’m wiped out. The […]

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Home

This post & my collections were created in collaboration with eBay. With our most recent move and our beautiful little home we have this year, I have been a lot more into house things than I used to be. I love having people over and entertaining because I feel like […]

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