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Lemon Sugar Face Scrub

The only day I shared about how I tried to use the no poo method and it didn’t work for me. See, I enjoy trying to find more natural ways to do things. However, as I stated in that post, I will never be fully natural. In the meantime, my […]

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How to stay moisturized in the Winter

**These are the real deal tips that I use to keep me and my family moisturized all winter long with Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Lotion and this post is part of a sponsored post from SocialStars. All tips & opinions are my own!** When the cold weather blows in it usually […]

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tips to prevent wrinkles and reduce aging

Tips to prevent wrinkles & Reduce the Signs of aging

Now I know that it’s impossible to completely prevent wrinkles and aging, and that is really okay. I think it would look odd to have 80 year olds looking like they were 30. I think the key, or at least what I’m aiming for, is to age as gracefully as […]

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17 DIY Beauty Products you can Make at Home!

I recently discovered that you can actually make your favorite beauty products at home! Yes, I know, I might be behind the times a little bit, but it’s true! And in most cases it’s very easy and can be done with ingredients you probably have at home already. I have […]

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DIY face scrub

DIY Facial Oil Cleansing Scrub

I’m back with another DIY beauty post! I love these, I really do. As I always say, I know I’m going to age, I just want to do it gracefully! Right now I have been trying to use as natural of products as I possibly can. I know not all […]

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3 ingredient DIY lip scrub

3 ingredient Peppermint Lip Scrub

Tis the season, people! They’re decorating the streets here and France and they just straight skip over Thanksgiving, how rude of them! Just kidding, of course, they have no idea what our Thanksgiving is about. Although next week I’ll be hosting our crazy blend of a Thanksgiving where the Americans […]

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homemade body scrub with orange and cinnamon

Orange Cinnamon Homemade Body Scrub

Eek, I’m so excited you guys! Today I made 3 different scrubs from things I had in the house to share with you all. A facial scrub, a lip scrub, and a body scrub. They are easy and I’ve tried every one – I LOVE THEM ALL! So I really […]

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How to Choose your Skin Care in Your 30’s

As you guys know, I’m on a little vacay over in Eastern Europe this week! In an effort of keeping things running smoothly around here I’ve got Audrey from Vain Pursuits talking about skin care for you today! Don’t worry, I know you’ll love it! Because skincare in your 30’s can […]

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5 Tips to Prevent Wrinkles at Night

You might say that I’m mildy obsessed with my wrinkles. Okay, maybe obsessed isn’t the word, but I am often thinking of ways to lessen them, of ways to grow older gracefully. I know I’m going to age, but I want to do is slowly and gracefully. So I try […]

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DIY Eye Serum Recipe

DIY Eye Serum

I’m back at it again ladies! This time I’m sharing my DIY eye serum that’s easy to make and easy to use. I’m really having fun with this whole natural face thing! Next thing you know I’ll be making face creams or something! Probably not, but ya know, it’s a […]

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