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remix your wardrobe for fall

Remix your Wardrobe for Fall

For some reason I have been on a little shopping spree lately. Or maybe my old college habits are coming back, I don’t know. But either way, I’m not sure I like it. I actually think it’s causing me to be more discontent with what I have. That’s pretty crazy, […]

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#7x7Remix LinkUp! Strut your Remixing Stuff!

I’m not gonna lie, I was totally lazy this time around. I mean between Subjonctif verb tenses, compliment object indirect, and what liaisons work where my mind’s just about maxed out! But I did it, I did my 7x7Remix. Before I share, check out Cyndi’s blog – she’s hosting with […]

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Remix this Business

It’s been a while. You know what? I need a change. Do you ever fall into a rut with your outfits? You just throw on the same things because they’re comfortable and easy. I know I do. I don’t plan my outfits well and I end up wearing the same […]

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White Jeans in the Fall

Don’t wear white after Labor Day! I mean, who said this? They must have been pretty influential because a lot of people listened to them for a long time. But now? Now you don’t have to listen anymore. You can wear white pants whenever you want. And I have three […]

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Wardrobe Challenge – Leather Pants

Do you ever feel like you have a closet full of beautiful clothes and nothing at all to wear? Or maybe you’re a bit more like me — trying to build up your wardrobe after babies and being broke and man it’s expensive!! And it takes a while! You see, […]

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Fall 7×7 Remix Link Party!

Eek! I had so much fun doing this challenge! To be honest, when I picked the pieces I said to myself “Oh shoot, Natalia. What’d you do? You’ll never be able to make 7 outfits with this!!” Guess what, self! I made 9 NINE outfits!! And I could have done […]

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Get your #7x7Remix together!

It’s that time again!! Time to Remix this shiizz! Your closet, that is. It’s time to remix your clothes in your closet. Remember how I didn’t wear pants for a week? Or when I packed 7 pieces of clothing for a vacation? And made it work? Or my personal favorite – […]

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