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Bennet’s Story pt 1- Love at First Sight

Wednesday, August 22, 2012…. Oh the wonderful anticipation! I was 4 cm dilated and having mild contractions. Hubby, Doctor and I all decided that tomorrow would be the day to have this baby! I couldn’t wait to meet my little guy. I was more connected to this baby throughout the […]

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Packing for the Hospital

Ok so for my last post before this baby shows its face (or maybe it already has and I just so happened to have this post ready and scheduled ahead of time!!), I am going to share with you my “Must Have’s” for the hospital. As far as I am […]

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Day to Night Transformation

Remember how I told you that I had a great Day to Night post coming, born from my 8 year anniversary date? Well here it is! My husband and I left in the morning for whole day of different activities in LA. I got ready in the morning and was […]

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37 Weeks Pregnant and Stripes

Well ladies, I am 37 weeks! And I know that horizontal stripes can be considered a no-no or unflattering. But I have this dress and I really like it, and it is a perfect summer dress. So I thought “whatever! I will see what I can do with it….” and you […]

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One Top Two Ways- 36 weeks pregnant

Guys, I am almost done…. Less than 4 weeks to go and I am really, REALLY exhausted. I just want to curl up in a ball (until I remember that I am not comfortable in that position) and sleep away the next few weeks. But life continues, my kids are […]

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Styling A White Tank

I am living in long tank tops right now. Target has the best, stretchiest, longest tank tops and I have a bunch. They are certainly very casual and I wouldn’t necessarily use them for a dressy occasion. But for now, they are all I got! So I am working my […]

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Red, White and Blue Whale?

As if dressing for the 3rd trimester wasn’t difficult enough, add to it the pressure of coming up with a holiday themed frock and you have got yourself a bonafide challenge! So for this years (blazing hot!) Fourth of July affair, here is what I came up with: Red, White […]

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Baby Shower Style

This may surprise you, but I am not really comfortable with all forms of attention Like showers for instance…..they scare me. Especially when I am pregnant. For so many reasons this is true  for me, but mostly it is because I am afraid I am going to have “word vomit” […]

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