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Why I am Okay with Messing up my Kids

When my oldest was born, I remember holding him in my arms, studying his sweet little being, thinking to myself how I wanted to be perfect for him. I wanted to be everything he needed, always be there for him and never let him down. I have since realized that my […]

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why I apologize to my kids

Why I Apologize to my Kids

Being a parent is hard. As I always say we are imperfect parents trying to raise imperfect kids in an imperfect world. With no hand book or guide to see us through. With every kid being so different from the next. And even with our own emotions and frustrations getting […]

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Being Gracious

I made it, you guys, I made it. I traveled about 23 hours with my two kids on three airplanes across the globe. And we all survived. I don’t want to bore you with all my details of my flight but there were a few that got me thinking. On […]

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Attitude Issues

Don’t let these pictures fool you. They are what my memories of our trip to Yosemite are going to be. I really don’t want to remember the struggle it was/has been lately with this dude. I don’t know if it’s his age — he’s 6 — or what, but he’s […]

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Does it matter?

So I don’t know what to think. George Zimmerman has been found not guilty. I don’t write a lot about news events and these types of things, but this one hits a little close to home. See, I have two black babies. And everything in me wants to think this […]

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Parenting & Potty Training

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and GoodNites, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BetterNights So last week I shared in a little video some insight, or just some general thoughts, on the ever elusive idea of balance […]

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Mommy Me Time

Being a mom is hard, isn’t it? I never really dreamed about being a mom when I was younger. So for me, it’s been a tough adjustment finding the ever elusive balance between doing everything for your kids & finding some ‘me time.’ Thankfully, I have a pretty awesome husband […]

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Oh my goodness, you guys, I have something special to share with you. Let me just say upfront that, you might have noticed, this is a sponsored post. I hesitate to say it at all (aside from the fact that legally, I have to) because I really think this is […]

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Things I Can Do for my Kids

A little bit ago I wrote a post on 6 things I want my boys to know. It got me thinking. I am always thinking about what I want my kids to be, how I want them to act, and what I would like them to do with their lives. […]

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