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August Stitch Fix Reveal!

It’s no news that I am a fan of Stitch Fix. I wear clothes from the boxes I get all the time and I‘ve written about it a few times. It’s just such a clever idea, you know? I don’t have a ton of time in my everyday life to [...]

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beauty and contentment

Bright Florals and Contentment

You know what? I might not be the most fashionable lady on the block, and I’m totally not, but I still want to look cute! I don’t have a lot of time or money to buy everything I see that is cute either. Which, you know, is kinda a bummer, [...]

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why I love my golden tote

Simple Summer Series: Golden Tote

We’re back!! In June I teamed up with a couple other amazing bloggers to bring you a Simple Summer Series. Life can get overwhelming, and summer with the kids home and still work to do is no different! We wanted to simplify things and share some tips to make your [...]

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summer fashion

Practical Summer Fashion

Practical summer fashion. That’s me. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that’s most of you. And as much as I appreciate a good pair of booty shorts — wait… scratch that. I don’t appreciate a good pair of booty shorts. If you have a nice booty, [...]

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ripped boyfriend jeans

Summer Boyfriend Jeans

I love my boyfriend jeans. I’m not sure they were even meant to be boyfriend jeans originally, but now they have  a huge hole and some other tears and I figured, eh, I’ll work with it! They’re pretty much a go-to for me, even in the summer. Actually,  during this [...]

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How to Wear Soft Pants

Okay guys, my life has been a whirlwind. My husband played a very important match May 23rd that if they won they moved up a division. They won! Saturday we had a basketball tournament for my son and then finished packing our whole life and heading to the airport. We [...]

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Practical fashion

Why I Write about Style

Sometimes I feel a little bit funny posting anything related to style or fashion. You see, growing up I was surrounded by boys. I had two brothers (I’m in the middle) and 5 boy cousins all 1 year older than me and all living in pretty much the same city. [...]

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