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fall fashion pieces under $50

4 Fall Fashion Styles with JCPenney

You know what? Being a fashion/beauty blogger is hard. I admit, that sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. I’m not naturally a fashionista type person. I love looking and feeling good about myself, but it takes effort. I think that’s okay, I am who I am, but in this crazy internet […]

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Gift ideas for HER

I love introducing you guys to new shops online. Personally, as much as I do love Target for the practicality of it all, I don’t like to shop for clothes there. I want items that not everyone is wearing. I want something cute  that when people say “oh I love […]

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COVET Fashion

This is a sponsored post by COVET Fashion but the obsessions, opinions and $33,000 fake closet are all mine! So I’m back from Paris and back to reality. So.sad. There’s really no place like Paris, it’s such a  beautiful romantic city. And I took a lot of great pictures and […]

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Style Inspiration – Miranda Kerr

Sometimes I think celebrities think they can get away with some pretty crazy things just because they’re famous. Like naming their kids Pilot Inspektor or Kal-El. Imagine that kid’s disappointment when he founds out he is not, in fact, Superman. Such a bummer. When it comes to fashion, sometimes it’s the […]

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How to Wear: Leopard Print

Are some styles hard for you to wear? Like you love it on others, but just don’t think you can pull it off? I feel ya, mine is mixing patterns. I just.can’ I want to work on it, but I wore this the other day & my husband said I […]

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Undercover Color

I don’t know about you but when I’ve got on a cute bra and panties, I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Like if something tragic happened, it’d be okay because at least the firemen would see my cute undies. Tell me I’m not alone, ladies! So when Hanes sent me […]

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Spotted! Celebrity Looks from My Own Closet

The way I stay up with current fashion trends is by watching the street style of celebrities, socialites and up & comers. I follow a couple blogs, read magazines (my favorite is People Style Watch), and browse Entertainment websites. No I do NOT go out and buy expensive pieces to […]

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Ready for Spring

It’s spring! Although I feel like I should write that with a question mark. It’s spring? It’s in the 40s here in good ole St Quentin. It’s sunny, which I’m thankful for, but man it’s still cold. The sun makes me think things are looking up, so I’m gonna roll […]

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