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Simple Everyday Makeup Tips

Do you have time to put on a full face of makeup everyday? If you answered yes, well then, good for you. You’re pretty awesome and you should stay that ¬†way. Me however, well, I’m just not that on top of things. I am pretty busy + not being a [...]

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The Perfect Nude Lipstick

Happy Tuesday! So I’m back at ya today with another lip trend! Honestly I am so stinking proud of myself for keeping this trend up for this long. But I love lipsticks and lip colors and we’re finally getting out of winter when all that color seems more appropriate, so [...]

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Orange Lipsticks to Try

The last couple Mondays we’ve chatted about lipstick colors to wear. We talked about the perfect red lipstick and how to get it. Then we talked about rocking a pink lipstick because it’s absolutely perfect for spring. And then I thought it would be perfect to add orange to that [...]

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Pink Lipsticks to try this Spring

Well, last time we talked about the classic red lip. It’s for everyone. I promise you can wear a bold red lip! But since spring is showing its beautiful face lately & Easter is right around the corner, I thought the appropriate next post would be top ten pink lipsticks. [...]

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Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick

Hello all! It’s a glorious Monday here because guess what, we’re on vacation. My sons and I have two weeks without school and it’s wonderful. I love my school, but I am so thankful to have the same vacation as my kids. That, coupled with some really exciting news I [...]

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Makeup Monday – Bold Lips

It’s Monday! I shouldn’t be as excited as I am about a Monday, but after getting sick, missing a couple days of school, having a minor breakdown to my husband and getting my act together again, I’m ready for a redo! So this Monday represents a new start to a [...]

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Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial

Happy Tuesday Lovelies! Back to the grind for me. My bootie is up at 4:30 Monday and Tuesday mornings and it’s brutal. Good thing I’m doing something I love, otherwise, it would be torture. Unfortunately, I am not a morning person. I’m not a night person either. I’m a needs [...]

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Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

It’s officially the holidays, isn’t it? I don’t know who claims it ‘officially’ (beside me, of course) but it’s here. The lights are up, the stores are decorated, the kids are doing Christmas projects at school, we’re in the season. And I love it. Part of the fun of the [...]

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Easy Eye Shadow Options

All sample products reviewed were provided by Revlon. I don’t claim to be a makeup or fashion expert. I don’t always know the latest trends or wear makeup everyday. I’m just another girl/mom/wife trying to do my best while looking my best in this world. I think it’s important! I [...]

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