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Ways to Wear Braids

Hey peeps! Happy Monday! I’m heading off to Paris tomorrow — without kids — to meet a girlfriend & hang out. Over night. Without kids. Like, by myself. Yep, this momma is pretty excited! Did I mention I’m going without my babies? I love those little monsters, but it’s nice […]

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A Healthy Challenge!

Hi Beauties! How are you today? I hope you are fabulous. Natalia is so so sweet for having me guest post today and I can’t thank her enough. Let me introduce myself: I am Suzzie and this is my sweet husband Zac. Now that you see us, I am sure […]

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Up in the Gym, working on my Fitness!

The other day, I wrote about how America is so unhealthy.  And as I was reading everyone’s awesome comments, I thought to myself, ‘wait a minute. I am American. I am included in this.  And those 5 pounds?  Those are my fault. No one forced me to drive through that […]

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