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How I feel about being robbed

This weekend my family was robbed. Someone broke into our house and stole our computers – including my new Mac purchased in August, an iPad – also purchased in August, my Cannon Camera and a lens, 7 of my husband’s expensive watches, my two makeup palettes (weird?), and our hard […]

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Thoughts on Easter

Well Easter is coming in just a couple weeks and I had prepared to do a little baking activity about how to teach your small children about Christ’s resurrection. However, my “Resurrection Rolls” did not turn out too good and I did not feel they were worthy of your viewing. […]

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And so I am in California…

And I thought I wouldn’t be writing any more traveling posts for a while  Well, as it turns out I must be crazy and I decided to do it again.  With both boys.  By myself.  International flight.  Why don’t we back up a bit, it’s kinda a cool story… So […]

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It’s the little things

Aahhh the little things.  How easy they are to forget when we have so many big things that seem like they are right up in our face!  There are mounds of laundry to do, dinner to be made, jobs to be found, money to be had, you name it.  And […]

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Life Altering

A little over a month ago I wrote about losing my cousin a year ago.  It was a very hard time and we as a family are still dealing with the loss to this day.  Obviously, this is not something that is just cured overnight.  Unfortunately yesterday, my other other […]

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We Won!

So this is kinda fitting seeing that I just wrote about being married to a basketball player yesterday.  I am sure all those girlfriends and wives of athletes can relate to this.  Their games are so much more than just a game.  Sure the crowd is cheering along and would […]

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