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Feather Headband

Hello friends! I have had a bizarre morning.  First of all, customs had my new iPad and I didn’t think I was gonna see my pretty little baby for a while.  But then this morning, someone knocked on the door, then rang the doorbell (I’m coming, I’m coming!) and it […]

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Decopauged Canvas Decor

A week or two ago I got to share this project over at At Home with K.  Thanks Kindra!  Anyway I thought I would post it here in case any of you missed it! So, I don’t have a lot of money to spend or space in my house.  So although it […]

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Guest Blogger ~ Jennifer at Vintage Gwen!

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!  This weekend I am in Paris, so I have Jennifer at Vintage Gwen guesting for me.  Thanks Jenn!  Take it away…. Bonjour!! I can’t believe I’ve made it to France!!  Cyberspace counts right? I’m so excited and honored to be […]

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Feather Earring Tutorial

Hey everyone!  I have been seeing a lot of feather earrings or feathers places and I thought ‘hey, I want to do that!’  And it turns out, I can do that!  So ran to my local Auchan (like a WalMart but not cheap, nothing here is cheap) and got some supplies […]

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Simple Vase tutorial

So you are all probably wondering why I have a picture of maple syrup here.  Well wonder no further!  I don’t have a lot of options here in France, trying to save money and all, so you can get pretty creative.  I have to say, this was my mom’s idea, […]

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Basketball Themed Birthday Party

Well my baby boy turned 4 on Wednesday (okay, not so baby) and we had a basketball ball themed party.  Each year he is very specific about what kind of party he wants and he decided early, it was basketball. I had my parents bring a box cake from the […]

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Blog crush ~ At home with K

So as I mentioned before, probably more than once, I am totally inspired with all the bloggers out there and their crazy minds for all things creative.  So I thought I would talk about another blog crush I have with a DIY-er for less, At Home with K.  Not only is […]

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Super Simple Flower Headband Tutorial

I have made these flowers a lot.  I love them.  I would love to rock a massive flower on my head, just not sure I can pull it off.  But my super cute niece can!  And I have made quite a few for her little bald head.  (she is 8 […]

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Framed Menu Board

I have been wanting to complete this project for a while, but I didn’t have any letters to finish it off.  Enter mommy!  My family is visiting me this week and so of course we must make time for crafts!  I just don’t have as many resources here, so it […]

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Paper Wreath

So I saw a paper wreath over at Living with Lindsay and thought, ‘hey I could do that!’  I don’t have a ton of resources, but I have an old book and a glue gun.  I didn’t have a foam wreath, so I decided to change it up a bit.  And […]

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