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Crafts at Ma Nouvelle Mode

Now we aren’t a craft blog, nor do we claim to be.  There are so many blogs out there with women who are crafty beyond my wildest dreams.  As much as I wish I could craft like that and be so resourceful, I can’t.  It’s just not in my blood. […]

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Oversized Rustic Paper Flower Tutorial

Ok guys, here it is! Just as promised. If you missed my previous post about the baby shower I hosted, go check it out so you can see how amazing these flowers can look as a backdrop! So the first step is to go to Trader Joe’s a million times […]

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New Blog Layout! Whaddya think?

Well, you might have noticed, things are a bit different around here!  I revamped my blog and I am really excited about it. I was able to keep my Frenchie girl, who I love, but I gave her darker hair and blue eyes. It kinda fits me more.  I love […]

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Baby Girls’ Clothes are so much Cuter!

On Friday, my niece turned one.  One year ago Friday (actually Thursday, it was a long labor!) I was driving down to Fallbrook to meet my precious little niece.  It is weird how even after having my own kids, Emma can hold such a huge piece of my heart.  I […]

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French for Hand Made

Good Morning everyone! I haven’t been able to be very crafty lately, and I am sooo sorry! I know you all have been holding your breaths waiting for the next crafty post.  So take a deep breath, it is here.  You’re welcome. So in case you missed it, heck I […]

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DIY Earrings!

Good Morning everyone! I have a recent craft to share with you all today.  Like I mentioned, I have been into making jewelry lately.  I would love to make more, but this whole packing thing is really cramping my style.  But I managed to bust these out a couple weeks […]

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Hello everyone! I am posting a tad bit late today because I was at the park earlier with my boys and Tae, my oldest fell and sliced open his hand.  It was pretty gnarly (sp?).  But the pharmacist and the husband said they didn’t think he needed stiches.  So bandaids […]

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Easter Subway Art

Okay, so I am a little behind on anything Easter, whoops!  I didn’t really decorate here, because we are moving in a just a bit and I don’t want to make more so that I have to pack more, ya know?  (If you are wondering why I am moving, stay […]

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