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Flamingo Fashion

It’s funny how trends work in fashion, one second a fox is all the rave and you can find them stamped on everything from onesies to pillow cases and then all of a sudden their out! What’s the next big thing going to be? I’ve never been much of a […]

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Plaid is the New Black

There are so many good things about scarves. For one, they keep you warm. Two – they can be super cute. Three – they’re great for hiding your double chin. Case in point: We took the first photo and I was all “nah… that’s not gonna work.” I pulled my […]

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How to Wear Soft Pants

Okay guys, my life has been a whirlwind. My husband played a very important match May 23rd that if they won they moved up a division. They won! Saturday we had a basketball tournament for my son and then finished packing our whole life and heading to the airport. We […]

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Glasses are IN

Glasses are cute. They’re ‘in.’ They make you look smart and chic and classy and sexy all at the same time. Remember back when they weren’t and if you wore them you were a tad bit embarrassed? I remember getting them in 4th grade and then never putting them on […]

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Fall Fashion: Boots

Fall is here!! Wait – no. Just because Starbucks puts out their pumpkin spice whatevers everyone thinks that fall is here. But then we go on to complain that the weather doesn’t match the season. I’ve totally done it too. *hangs head in shame* It really doesn’t start getting cooler […]

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