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Ready for Spring

It’s spring! Although I feel like I should write that with a question mark. It’s spring? It’s in the 40s here in good ole St Quentin. It’s sunny, which I’m thankful for, but man it’s still cold. The sun makes me think things are looking up, so I’m gonna roll […]

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Tips for Spring Fashion

Hello, SITS Ladies yet again!  I am once more happy to be here!  Today we are going to talk about fashion for Spring.  Oh, Spring, how I love thee.  And since we’ve had a ton of snow this winter, (at least for me!) I have been just dreaming of beautiful […]

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Fashion Inspiration

I am feeling a little less inspired the last few days.  It could be my whirlwind trip to LA for the weekend and trying to catch up.  I was so inspired flying by myself, I felt like I could conquer the world.  Then I got tired and realized we live […]

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Polyvore Style

So, I could spend alllll day on this site.  And make a million outfits.  Which is great, because I can’t really shop right now, so this is fun.  It’s like practice shopping for when I can.  And I practice hard! Red by manouvellemode on This is what I came […]

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Waiting for warm weather!

I am ready for summer.  Can you tell?  I decided since I can’t buy anything right now, I will put together little ideas of what I would like to buy when the chance comes.  I put this together between Old Navy, Gap, and Bbanana Republic.  Now I can’t really afford […]

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