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Pregnancy Update- Gender Reveal!!!

Well guys, we found out the gender of our little tyke about a week ago and I have been waiting to tell you all because we wanted to do a photo shoot “reveal” and be totally adorable and have a million people saw “AWE!” and repin the photos…… that did […]

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Second Trimester Update and Weird Symptoms

O.K. I will admit it now. I….am….pregnant…..sigh (I just don’t love being pregnant, don’t hate). What brings me to this point all of a sudden you ask? Maybe its the fact that my stomach is finally popping, but I am actually excited for all the belly bump fashion looks I […]

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WIW-Second Trimester Fashion

So I have been pretty excited to wear some of my “baby bump” outfits I have been cooking up. Problem is my baby bump is avoiding an appearance. We think this baby may be standing up and hanging on to my rib cage.  Anyways, this little ensemble was pieced almost […]

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Avoiding Maternity Clothes

So my main clothing concern in the first trimester was being comfortable. I don’t know why, but I can’t stand anything heavy or tight when I am newly pregnant. I know it’s weird since I was not showing yet so everything should feel the same, but it didn’t. Tight clothes […]

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