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Coffee through Instagram

Well this week has been a killer week!  In a good way, though, which is nice.  Super busy, super crazy, but then that’s just us, it seems to follow us wherever we go!  I suppose I’m okay with that, it keeps us on our toes! So there are two link […]

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Let’s grab some coffee

I’m coming at ya a little late today because life has been a little crazy. You know when life feels like a roller coaster but not nearly as fun?  That’s about right where we are right now.  But I really don’t like to be Debbie Downer on the blog so […]

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C’est la Vie

Oh life… You’ve been so crazy lately.  One way, then the next, the back the other way.  Then just kidding!  None of those things at all. You might know that I usually live in France.  My husband is a basketball players and that’s been the country of choice for the […]

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Instead of an outfit post…

If you were wondering why I have been MIA lately, and still kinda am, it’s because I’m on vacation!  Last week I spent the week with my family up in Yosemite doing some camping.  My poor husband hates it, but he tried to enjoy it.  The one thing that got him […]

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