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Mommy Me Time

Being a mom is hard, isn’t it? I never really dreamed about being a mom when I was younger. So for me, it’s been a tough adjustment finding the ever elusive balance between doing everything for your kids & finding some ‘me time.’ Thankfully, I have a pretty awesome husband […]

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On being a mom

When I was young I never dreamed of getting married. I never had a checklist of qualities I wanted in a guy. I never imagined my wedding, the colors, or where it would be. Before I was a mother, I didn’t think about having kids. I didn’t pick baby names […]

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What I didn’t Wear

My one-year-old is cutting teeth. Like 4 teeth.  At once. This is what my days look like.  Oh you think I am exaggerating??  Ask my mom.  Or my dad.  Or my mom-friends who were at the pool today who witnessed me break down in the bathroom. So I don’t have a […]

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My Precious Little Boy

I have to vent a bit. I have two boys, as you all know.  I love them so dearly, with all my heart, more than I knew you could love someone.  My oldest is 4 years old now.  He is the biggest sweetheart.  He always picks me flowers when we […]

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