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Our Love Story – Part 1

Okay. I hear it over and over again. I want to read more about your life in France! What about living in France? Why don’t you write about your life overseas? Okay, I’m listening I promise. It’s just that my life is a pretty normal life, or to me at […]

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It’s a love story

The other day I asked on Facebook what would they rather read – a love story, why I burst out laughing in French history class, and our French story. Mostly people voted for our love story and why I burst out laughing! I think I’ll tell all three, but since […]

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My Crazy Life…

As you might have noticed, this blog isn’t very personal in nature.  It isn’t because we don’t want to share our lives with you, it’s mainly because honestly, I always think “who wants to read about my life?”  I write it off as boring and silly unless you know me […]

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