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Why I love France

First of all, thank you. Thank you for being so kinda and encouraging and supportive. I can’t tell you enough. I posted a survey the other day and the ones who responded were so helpful and encouraging. I appreciate that. (it’s still open if you’d like to chime in!) It […]

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Happy Labor Day

We live about 20 minutes from a beach. Now I’m from southern California and my husband is from The Bahamas. What could rival either of those places on the west coast of France? Well, The Bahamas still takes the cake for the best beach, but I must say, not too […]

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Day in the Life… Link up!

I still live my life like a college student, in semesters.  A month from yesterday I will be on an airplane heading to the states for the summer.  Which means I have to pack up my entire house, all my clothes, all my kids clothes, but still leave enough out […]

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Eze, France

Last post of my Cote d’Azur vacation, I promise!!  But I just couldn’t resist sharing this perfect little city with you.  You might have heard of it, it was most certainly in most tourist books we saw.  It is small and not entirely well-known but oh so worth it.  I […]

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Italy & Monaco

I have some beautiful pictures for you today!  More from my south of France vacation.  I am breaking this up into quite a few posts because frankly, it was an awesome vacation and I love sharing these beautiful places.  And travel is a big part of my life, so it kinda fits! […]

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