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our love story

Our Love Story – Part 1

Okay. I hear it over and over again. I want to read more about your life in France! What about living in France? Why don’t you write about your life overseas? Okay, I’m listening I promise. It’s just that my life is a pretty normal life, or to me at […]

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Happy Anniversary

I’ll keep it short and sweet but yesterday my husband and I celebrated 7 years of marriage. It’s not a lifetime but after some of the stuff we’ve been through, we feel like we’ve won. I just started writing what might turn into a book about my adult life, mistakes […]

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It’s a love story

The other day I asked on Facebook what would they rather read – a love story, why I burst out laughing in French history class, and our French story. Mostly people voted for our love story and why I burst out laughing! I think I’ll tell all three, but since […]

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Who Would have Thought

I was sitting in the lounge of my dorm with a guy I was dating at the time. We were chatting and hanging out when he told me that one of his friends was gonna bring us lunch. I knew the guy, I had seen him around before. Lavar, I […]

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Happy Labor Day

We live about 20 minutes from a beach. Now I’m from southern California and my husband is from The Bahamas. What could rival either of those places on the west coast of France? Well, The Bahamas still takes the cake for the best beach, but I must say, not too […]

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