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A Belated Valentines Day Post

Well,  I will be honest, we are still kind of in a fog after Charley’s surgery. It seems the more he heals the more miserable he is getting! So I am sitting here still in my pajamas watching Disney’s Enchanted (what can I say, my son likes musicals!) and writing […]

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My Marriage Advice

My husband and I are celebrating 4 looong, glorious years of marriage today.  And because 4 years of marriage is more than most Hollywood couples, I feel like I am qualified to give everyone marriage advice.  So here you go.  🙂 1.) Wives, learn to cook.  Didn’t your momma ever […]

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Date Night

Last night I got to go on a date with my husband.  I was exciting on many levels.  One, it had been too long since our kids were sick.  Two, I wanted to have a good reason to wear a cute outfit (not just walking to the post office).  Three, […]

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