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It’s a love story

The other day I asked on Facebook what would they rather read – a love story, why I burst out laughing in French history class, and our French story. Mostly people voted for our love story and why I burst out laughing! I think I’ll tell all three, but since [...]

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Being Gracious

I made it, you guys, I made it. I traveled about 23 hours with my two kids on three airplanes across the globe. And we all survived. I don’t want to bore you with all my details of my flight but there were a few that got me thinking. On [...]

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Our French Road Trip

So the last couple weeks when I went missing around these parts it was because we took a nice little road trip. See, because my husband plays professional basketball, he often only signs one year contracts. It’s a lot different than the NBA, let me tell you. We’ve been married [...]

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La Belle Vie

The experience I have from living in France is something I have a really hard time describing without using a lot of “awesomes” and “fabulous” and even some “unreals.” It’s just unlike anything I have ever experienced and I am truly, truly enjoying it. The thing is though, I didn’t [...]

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Who Would have Thought

I was sitting in the lounge of my dorm with a guy I was dating at the time. We were chatting and hanging out when he told me that one of his friends was gonna bring us lunch. I knew the guy, I had seen him around before. Lavar, I [...]

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Funny French Mistakes

So most of you know that I am in France right now doing my best to learn the language. If you have ever attempted another language you know it can be super hard and sometimes rather hilarious & even more often embarrassing. There have been quite a few times I [...]

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