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Cut Off Shorts 4 Ways

So this summer heat… um ya, it stinks. I don’t want to be the one always complaining that the weather isn’t just perfect, so I’ll stop right there. Instead, I’m going to make lemonade out of lemons & show you some cute DIY cut-off shorts I made! I had a […]

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DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea

So right now I am on a really big plane with a 3 year old and a 6 year old, sans husband, flying across the Atlantic Ocean. Craziness. Somehow we’ve learned to embrace this part of our lives and even somewhat enjoy it. (I can say that now that they’re […]

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Husband’s Shirt Refashion

So finally I have a tutorial for you!  You know how I love to create skirts & clothes from old items? Well, my husband had a pile of shirts he was giving away and I knew I had hit the jackpot.  This shirt was a 4XL and I knew it […]

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DIY Anthro Skirt

Last week I did an outfit post and featured a skirt I most recently made.  Well, I have the tutorial for you today.  It is relatively easy, I hope I can explain it in a way that will encourage you to give it a try! Okay, let’s get started!  You […]

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DIY Pleated Skirt

Lately I have been stuck up in my sewing room just busting out skirts and tops and anything I can create.  I am running out of material and I have my eye on some my mom bought a while back.  She says it’s off limits, but I think if she […]

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DIY Fitted Pencil Skirt

I have a super duper easy DIY for ya today.  It’s a cute, fitted pencil skirt.  It will take seriously 20 minutes of your time.  You’re welcome. Take the material of your choice and fold it in half.  I wanted 30 inches from waist to below my knees length wise, […]

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Simple T-Shirt Refashion

A while back I bought four shirts at JoAnn’s for $10.  I knew I could come up with a few refashions for them and have some new shirts for next to nothing!  Here I am with refashion #2.  The first one was the lace t-shirt refashion.  Well, with another one […]

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Simple DIY Summer Skirt

Okay, so I guess I have a slight obsession with my sewing machine.  And it’s great because I get to be creative and I get new clothes and it’s all cheap!!  I made the next skirt for about $10. So you just buy about a yard of fabric and then fabric to […]

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DIY Lace T-Shirt Refashion

Okay you guys.  If you didn’t already know, I live half of my life in France.  Well, most of my life, around 8 months to be more exact.  Most people are always telling me how cool it sounds and how awesome it must be.  And while there are super awesome […]

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DIY Maxi Skirt & Dress

I have a happy accident to share with you today!  A while back I started on a project to make a cute maxi skirt.  I started it and couldn’t find the elastic I wanted, then I had to leave for France.  I came back and realized I had made it […]

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