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Hiding Behind the Internet

Living in Europe has helped open my eyes to different things and understand a bit better that when things are done differently, it’s not necessarily bad. Just different. I’m not saying I don’t sometimes get bugged when people don’t agree with me or understand my point, but it has helped [...]

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Spa Day Vacation with Marriott

You guys know I love to travel. Living in Europe provides me with this opportunity more than normal. Or at least more international opportunities which are pretty stinkin cool. I have been to Amsterdam, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy (computer crashed & we didn’t get ANY pictures!), south of France, and [...]

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On my way to FAB!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. I really love that the holidays are here. I really love that practically every post I write is about holiday beauty. I mean, isn’t that fun? I love parties and events I can go to for an excuse [...]

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Full Disclosure

So a couple of days ago (last week?) I asked you guys to do a little survey for me. It was really helpful to get insights into what you enjoy or do not enjoy about this little blog of mine. Because even though, yes, I do write it for myself [...]

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