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5 Hairstyles for Working Out

I think it’s really important to have working out be a part of your weekly routine. Working out can look different for everyone, for some it might be the gym, other it might be playing a sport or even going for a run. As long as you’re being active, it […]

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4 Simple and Cute Mom Hairstyles

Moms are busy, aren’t we? It’s funny how such a little person can take up so much time! And I only have two kids so I can only imagine what it’d be like with more. I do still care about myself and the way I look. I want to be […]

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Keep your Face Healthy During Winter

With winter in full swing here in Southern California — i.e. it’s a little windy and it *might* rain next week — my skin is feeling the effects! Specially my face. It’s dry and I’m finding even my regular moisturizing process isn’t enough. I’m very particular about how I treat […]

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messy boho curls for short hair

Boho Curls for Short Hair

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram you might not have seen that I recently chopped off my hair. It was shorter than I wanted and what I felt like I described to the hair stylist, but I think it was a happy accident! I have been enjoying […]

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pür contour stick

Contouring Made Easy

Contouring. Should the everyday women do it? Is it too much? Why do I need to contour? Does it really make a difference or will I end up looking like a clown? These are all the questions we (I?) ask as we think about contouring. Let me tell you how […]

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