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homemade DIY facial toner

DIY Facial Toner

  I’ve been trying to live an overall healthier/cleaner lifestyle. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not entirely clean, nor do I think it ever will be. I like too many products and sometimes junk food to be supa clean, if ya know what I mean. But when I can, when [...]

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hairfinity ambassador


Blogging has been one of the most amazing experiences/processes of my life. That might sound a little dramatic but I’ve been able to do so many cool things and meet so many amazing people all because of this little blog. Who knew, right? Who knew that starting a blog years [...]

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you are beautiful

You are Beautiful

I am sure you’ve seen it. It’s been shared a bunch of times on Facebook. And I hope this isn’t redundant but I thought it was too powerful a message to not share right now. Specially because it really hit home for me. Colbie Collait just came out with her [...]

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7 no heat hairstyle ideas

No Heat Summer Hairstyles

During the summer months hair can get somewhat… annoying. Gasp! A hair/beauty blogger said hair can be annoying?! I know, but when it’s so stinking hot, that’s all it really is. So I’ve come up with some tips to keep cool in the heat. No Heat Summer Hairstyles I have 7 [...]

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double braids into bun

24 Ways to wear Braids

Don’t you feel like braids and summer go hand in hand? I do! They’re easy, they can contain unruly hair, and they’re still cute! Total bonus points is that they can look good messy as well. I am all over the messy-put-together look. So I thought in honor of summer [...]

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homemade face wash

Homemade Oil Cleansing Method Face Wash

For some reason, lately I’ve been on this kinda crunchy kick. Maybe it’s the cleanse I’m doing and that I’m only eating whole foods (I haven’t had sugar in 3 weeks!) or maybe it’s the realization that there are so many chemicals in our everyday products, but either way, I [...]

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hair color at home

Hair Color at Home

I get asked quite often what color my hair is and where I get it done. Confession time? I have no idea what color it is and I do it myself at home when I have time. That is until lately. See, I have this thing. If I can do [...]

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